Have you ever hacked hedgewars before?

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Well, I'm just wondering if you have. I'm pretty sure alot of people have. I myself have only done small things, like hacking hp. :P

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I added unicorns, does that count? :P

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Yes I wrote a complicated mod using the hidden LUA api that was added on my last hack when I was using nemos pc to write the code for the LUA bridge.

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I never hacked Hedgewars, as in “modifying the client to get an advantage” (aka “cheating”).

But I hacked Hedgewars, as in “made a couple of code contributions which got accepteed”.
I mostly did Lua scripts (aka “styles”), improvements and bug fixes to existing scripts and created some small missions (the 3 Shoppa challenges, and the target practise missions). Then there is a bunch of code lying around which never got accepted into Hedgewars.

BTW: What makes you think the Lua API is hidden? It is not a secret, actually.

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