Where can I upload Hedgewars-related files?


  • Maps, themes, forts, scripts, missions, mission maps, voicepacks, hats, flags, graves, music (if packaged as a HWP archive): hh.unit22.org
  • Demos: Demos page
  • Game schemes, weapon sets: You can't upload these directly, but you can post them in text form in this thread: https://hedgewars.org/node/3857
  • Teams: You can't upload these directly, but you present your team here: https://hedgewars.org/node/1172
  • Hand-drawn maps, savegames and other files: There is no dedicated place for this yet. You're on your own. Sad Smiley

No matter where you upload the file, PLEASE make sure to upload your contributions on at least one reliable hoster (such as hh.unit22.org and hedgewars.org) so your contribution can be downloaded for years to come. Do not only upload it on crappy one-click hosters like Mediafire, RapidShare, Uploaded.to, Filedropper, etc. and then walk away because they regularily delete files. We don't want to discourage and particular hoster, but please be aware of the hoster's deletion policy.

We can't stress enough how important using a reliable hoster is; a large amount of past contributions have already been lost because of this. Sad Smiley

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