is released!

It has happened!
Version is here!
Cake Smile


  • Minigun
  • Rework of training missions
  • Rework of themes (esp. im Sudden Death)
  • Schemes are now saved in separate files
  • Many improvements for styles

There are many other smaller changes as well!

See the Download page to obtain Hedgewars.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you downloaded 0.9.24, please download to fix a bug that would cause crashes when joining active games, and a Qt5 crasher that was impacting fullscreened frontends.

Follow this link to read more about the awesome new features in this version! Smile

Here are the highlights:


The minigun is a new super weapon in your hedgehog's armory.
It shoots loads of bullets, deals massive damage and pushes your targets quite a bit.
But it is very inaccurate at large distances.
In the Default weapon scheme, this weapon must be picked up from a weapon crate first.

Training rework

Hedgewars becomes more friendly to complete beginners!

The training missions have been very basic for a long time and didn't explain much. But now they have been completely reworked!

They are now designed like actual tutorials, which will be helpful to players who are completely new to this.
But there's a chance even seasoned players might learn a few new tricks here. Smile
There's a new basic movement training which teaches the basic controls, how to move and how to switch hogs.
The basic rope, grenade and bazooka training have been replaced entirely and contain proper step-by-step explanations.

If you start Hedgewars the very first time, there will be a simple one-time notification which leads you to the training menu.

Feedback on the tutorials, especially from beginners, is appreciated!
More tutorial missions might be added in later versions.
If you played all training missions and still find some aspects of Hedgewars confusing, please complain!

Theme rework

The themes have seen various improvements. Especially the theme styling in Sudden Death has been reworked.

Here are some examples:

Switch hedgehog at start of turn

There's a new game modifier which enables switch hedgehog for free at the beginning of a turn.

Schemes are saved in separate files

This change is useful for those who use a ton of schemes.

Schemes are no longer stored in those obscure files weapons.ini and schemes.ini. Instead, schemes are now stored in separate scheme per file. They can be found in the new Schemes folder. This makes it a bit easier to share schemes with your friends. Smile

Existing schemes from 0.9.23 or older versions will be migrated automatically on the first start. The .ini files will be ignored in later starts and will not be deleted or changed automatically.

Other noteworthy changes

  • New voices: Default_pl, Russian_pl
  • New scenarios: Bazooka Battlefield, Tentacle Terror
  • Rubber duck appears in fewer schemes and styles now (including Balanced Random Weapon).
  • In many styles like Mutant, the team score (or another important number) is now visible next to the team bar.
  • Capture the Flag can now be played with any number of clans
  • Overhaul of Construction Mode, mostly graphical
  • Map complexity of ShoppaMap style can now be changed
  • Many other small improvements and bugfixes for most styles and both campaigns
  • New or changed controls for team chat, changing hedgehog tags and toggling team bars
  • The default directory name for drawn maps is now DrawnMaps

There are many more changes in this version!

A detailed list is written down in ChangeLog.txt.

What ?

Only 155 days (or just 4 blog entry) after 0.23 ?

Havent tested yet, does the minigun make you move back (recoil) ?

I will try to play the new scenarios !

(just saw the notice of the critical bug, i'll wait :p )

Congrats on the release !

Minigun has no knockback. We have experimented with this, but decided this was just too crazy and annoying, as the minigun would be near-unusable, especially when aiming down. This woud would send the current hedgehog flying like a helicopter!

The critical bug should only affect you if you set the graphics quality to a low level (which is not a default setting). If this is the case, the crash occours whenever you use a portal gun.
If the graphics quality is set to maximum (which is the default), you're (probably) safe.
Still this bug will get a hotfix.

Sorry for the trouble!

Is the AI able to use the Minigun? Regardless, many thanks for the update! Smile

The AI hasn't been hooked up to use it yet. There's no particular reason that code for another gun couldn't just be hooked up here, but using it strategically is another matter. As I can attest having more than once done like <10 damage with it.

But sure, could just give it an approximate damage estimate subtracting out any necessary digging.

OMG, I didn't update translation in time ;_;
How far away is the hotfix?

still not fixed

but good to see "exit code 217" from the 0.9.23 are fixed now

exit code 217 still happens on Windows, if you have more than one joystick connected. That's probably not a very common scenario and unplugging a joystick is an easy workaround.

MK, WRT those images I'm going to guess you placed a girder on an object in motion. If so, there's no real plan to ever change that.
It's not really a big deal, and the physics is technically consistent on stuff-not-in-motion having collision.
If we were going to "fix" would involve I guess checking for object radiuses within the pixels of a girder and, eh, whatever Smile

There's only a small # of things that have collision (when not in motion) BTW. That would be hogs, barrels, mines, crates, cleavers, targets as well as obv the new terrain created by snow, land spray, girders, rubber and ice on water.

Okay, version is now officially out!
You should download it because it contains some critical bugfixes.

Here's the changelog:

nemo, but in version 0.9.23 hedgehogs bounce off the girder (but they can still be blocked by girder in tight places). Why can not be done so that the girder can not be placed if meeting objects in motion?

In every version of hedgewars, not just 0.9.23, ever since unc0rr released it back in 2005 as 0.9, collision has been exclusively pixel based.
That means that all the objects above are "checked in" to the same pixel grid as the land is. That's why you can walk over a hog that is standing still, but when you jump up into one you jump through it - the hog is removed from land array when you shove him, so you can pass through, and is put back in once he stops moving so you can land on him.

The hog bounces off the girder because it is solid, and the moving object checks for collision against the pixel array.

In order to have other forms of collision, new methods would be needed since updating the land array as the object moves is just ridiculously inefficient. But, it isn't really considered that big a deal gameplay wise that you can occasionally do something seemingly odd like that.

I agree with nemo here. There are no mid-air collisions, period. Deal with it. I don't understand why this is apparently such a big deal.

If you're not done with discussion, please continue this discussion in the forums.

Ya know you played games too much when you get sentimental over not having bought a non-touch device because a new version is out and your desktop computer is a raspberry pi.

Hedgewars should work on an RPI *if* someone has packaged a version with the egl/opengl bridging.
I know other opengl games work, so in theory..


What's going on in that screenshot?

edit: just tried it, framerate goes to hell but that seemed to be the only issue. I mostly play with wrap around border, so I won't run into that often.

Yeah. It's not a serious enough a bug to warrant a new release. Already fixed, but in a desyncing way.
Could be worked around in a non-desyncing way by clamping # of VGs that can be spawned simultaneously. If you're on linux and it is really bugging you, could whip up a patch for that.

I still have 217 error when trying to start any game on Windows 7, tried with cleared user data folder, and still the same. version 22 is last that is working for me

Dziq, have you sent us a game log yet? And filed a bug on https://issues.hedgewars.org ? This is really not the place for tech support.

Run can't game startup error KERNEL32.DLL in Windows XP.

So. XP was dropped purely due to having been built with Qt 5.10 - Qt 5.6 was last version with XP support and I think it was not packaged for windows. Recently someone made a manual build of Qt 5.6 but the game hasn't been rebuilt to use it yet. Come by our chat if you wanna try copying over those DLLs or something.

After Windows October update i can't launch HW. Just HW logo are flashing and nothing Aghh

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