New Antarctic theme

The forum user “KIRA” recently created a beautiful new theme called “Antarctic”.

This theme has been added as optional add-on.

You can download this theme in the “Downloadable Content” section of the game.
Just click on “Downloadable Content” in the main menu, then on “Antarctic_v4”, restart Hedgewars and you should be ready to go!

Enjoy! Smile

You can give feedback in the forums.

EDIT 2020-10-09: Today, two more cool themes by Kakcoo from the year 2016 have been added as well: Doktor_v1 and Teknologi_v1. Discussion.

cool Big Grin

Okay, it turned out a couple of players had problems with the theme file on DLC. Problems like crashes and whatnot. And indeed, I managed to screw up completely.

Please, if you have Antarctic_v4, download it again from DLC. The version number of the theme has been increased to 5. It's Antarctic_v5 now. When you have downloaded the new version, there is no need to keep the old version 4, so you can safely delete it.

EDIT: And I've just added Teknologi_v1 and Doktor_v1 (by Kakcoo) to the DLC section!

Hello Wuzzy,

I tried V5, still have several 217 exit codes.

Game log

29465: [Con] Loading /Sounds/explosion.ogg ...
29465: [Con] ok
29465: [Con] An unhandled exception occurred at $004D3120:
29465: [Con] EAccessViolation: Access violation

Okay, version 5 was broken as well. I saved the land background texture in the wrong format, and didn't notice it. >_>

Anyway, version 6 is online now. Have fun! :P

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