warmux is bad

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i hate warmux warmux is gone Big Grin worms and hedgewars are good

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Some people enjoy Warmux, some don't (same goes for Hedgewars :P)

Either way, the developers of Warmux were very nice people that put their heart and their free time into creating that game Smile
No need to hate it, in my opinion :P

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I even contributed a German translation to WarMUX back in the day (I translate a lot of libre games)! But I agree the gameplay was not great. The physics were pretty weird. At least the characters looked quite cute. I prefer Hedgewars for obvious reasons. Big Grin

Years ago I have completed the WarMUX Maps Conversion project to port old WarMUX maps to Hedgewars. You can find a pack in hh.unit22.org.

WarMUX' website has died years ago, along with its forums. The circumstances under which WarMUX' website died remain mysterious.

See also: https://hedgewars.org/node/4151

But the game itself can still be downloaded in various Linux distributions. So the game itself is technically not dead. An unofficial copy of the WarMUX repository can be found here: https://github.com/yeKcim/warmux

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