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List of the most important known bugs in Hedgewars releases
Updated Wed, 14 Feb 2018 19:04:36 +0000 by Wuzzy

On this page we collect a few of the most important known bugs. Note this page is not meant to be complete and only gives a very rough overview. For a more complete list, see the list of bugs on the bug tracker.

Release 0.9.22

Drill-Strike is dropped off-center (released from plane half the drill-rocket-gap too early)

Details A regular drill strike has 6 drills, therefore 3 drills should go on each side of the target-X without hitting the X itself. However in 0.9.22 the alignment is incorrect and one drill will hit the X directly, while 3 drills will go in front of the X, 2 will go behind it

Release 0.9.21

Rubberband shows/places pixels in unexpected locations

Preconditions The Rubberband is placed/selected in strictly vertical or in rising diagonal (low left end, high right end) orientation.
Details In Rubberband's above mentioned orientations (= sprite frames) edge pixels of other orientations are visible/placed.
Workaround If you do NOT play on official server you could replace your Rubberband's spritesheet (Data/Graphics/amRubber.png) with the fixed version. If you intend to play over a private server or over local network make sure you only play together with people having the exact same fix or else the game might desync and aborts due to different game/map state information
See also screenshot (by Wuzzy) issue 903 fix 076aa3b2587dc539033a3eb60305e01e763e1bef

Release 0.9.20

Game crash when roping into "Sea" world edges

Preconditions "World Edge" in active game scheme are set to "Sea"
Details When a hedgehog, using rope, leaps or swings into the World Edge, it will get teleported to under the water surface. If it then falls into death without using the rope again, the game crashes.
Workaround Try to avoid getting into the World Edge while using rope. If it happens anyway, just press the fire key immediately to reuse the rope before the hogs falls into death. This should put the game back into a state that will not crash.
See also issue 764

Some trainings are broken - impossible to destroy targets

Preconditions Player hedgehog in training is set to invulnerable (it's in a protective bubble)
Details Due to a bug the invulnerably of a hedgehog is temporarily applied to the target/crate/barrel during attack
Workaround None known
See also issue 766 fix 955a90b8886577fcc8f20b7c6e3a64d6518a8c5f

Drill Rockets will sometimes explode on land impact (like a bazooka shell) instead of drilling

Workaround None known
See also issue 766 pic of failing drill rocket test (compare to pic of successful drill rocket test)

Ranking of teams in after-game statistics does not reflect the actual game result

Workaround None known

Game crashes when IceGun is used to freeze water on low land graphics

Workaround None known
See also issue 777 fix 67b7bc53963963c56ca29425de85484247b72539)

Release 0.9.19

TrophyRace and other scripts/missions don't work properly

Preconditions Windows. Using Hedgewars installed from the download not long after release.
Details The race is not a race anymore, etc. The scripts seem to do nothing
Workaround Start Hedgewars and click the "Downloadable Content" button. After the page (hopefully loaded) download "Fix for Mission maps in original 0.9.19 release. Mission Maps Hotfix". Note: This fix will only affect the currently logged-in windows user.
Solution Re-download and reinstall Hedgewars 0.9.19 (the updated hedgewars installer for windows is fixed)

'Quick game' will fail to start if the randomly chosen theme for the map is a DLC/manually-installed theme

Workaround None. Just restart quick game until a default theme is randomly chosen, then the game should load normally
See also issue 664 fix 955a90b8886577fcc8f20b7c6e3a64d6518a8c5f

Release 0.9.18


Fort Mode won't start

Preconditions Running Hedgewars engine from a binary/exe that was built before the fort mode fix/commit was applied to the 0.9.18 codebase
Details When trying to run a game in fort mode, the engine will only appear briefly as it fails to start properly
Workaround Finding or building a more up-to-date 0.9.18 hwengine binary
See also fix 2fc02902c7cbf3c29bfe08a50e5f37983582b251

Weapon menu misbehaves in certain situations

Details Weapon menu closes when it shouldn't, doesn't open on first try, etc...
Workaround None, you'll have to reopen the weapon menu again
See also issue 465

Camera moving automatically even when Auto-Camera is disabled

Preconditions A non-local team selects a weapon/utility that requires point-and-click targeting (girder, airstrikes, homing weapons, teleport, etc)
See also fix 209c9ba77a0980a640151a185f119219b350c59e

No captions when muting audio

Details If you press 8 or set a volume of 0 a 'Audio Muted' message will stay on top, hiding any other caption.
See also fix 7681d14b9f0191eda821a9b744f0a093430321ee


Returning from netgame room leads to "In game..." screen (instead of lobby)

Preconditions Happens after failed game start (because of desync or similar)
Workaround None. Since the user can't leave that screen, a restart of Hedgewars is necessary

Frontend Crash when somebody joins your room

Preconditions Hedgewars was started with Frontend-Sounds turned off, then they were turned on
Workaround Restart Hedgewars after turning Frontend-Sounds on
See also issue 506

Frontend Crash when canceling a YouTube video upload

See also issue 471

Wrong theme selected for static/preset map in online game (desync on join)

Workaround None known yet (try rejoining?), a server-side workaround is under consideration though.
See also issue 481