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Not sure what to put here, but nice to meet you, Hedgewars community.

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My name is Oneill (or thibault). I'm a student in computer science. I discover Hedgewars because I searched an open source game project for my university. Because we must contribute to an open source project.

I have contribute for the first time and I love that. I think continue to contribute.

Thank you.

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Hello Folks,

I am Lucas, I study at AGH University of Science and Technology in Poland. I am big fan of Android Development and Worms/Hedgewars playing. Glad to see you Smile

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Hi everybody!

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Hi guys Big Grin !!!

I Rejoin again,,,
After playing enough Games other than Hedgewars,
After Exam of my School,
After Doin' all the Job in my Educations
After Halting the Movie i have returned !

But i know you will not be Surprised at any Cost,
and i know maybe you sad cuz a Clowntroll which Comment like Wildfire back was a Bugs throughout the Land,,,

But at least i Comeback to fill 1/10 Plank-Volume in Hedgewars room, which maybe can be enough for a spirit in any situations,,, Silence ? got me in Hyperbole, sorry...

And hey !!!
I Continue all my work from now,,,
Posting new Trashy Post,
Talking to anybody like ****,
And fill Comment as a Starving Desire,,,

This wouldn't be good, and wouldn't be nice for anyone,,,

At least
]{ is in way back home Big Grin !!!

( 'ಠ_ಠ)▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶ )ᕗ

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This game is awesome, reminds me the old worms in pc. I love the character's dialogue and move in the "cinematic's".

-Wouldn't be a Noble mission if it were easy.

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My name is Undisclosed, I am a comic artist, digital music creator and vlogger on Youtube (my channel is called Nocturnal Podcasts, and is mostly about MBTI and music production). Apart from changing the font in Morrowind to a more legible format, and using that BASH thing, I don't do code. I envy those who can, and have helped create what seems to be a very well-crafted game.

Oh, before I neglect to mention, I play many instruments and am an avid writer of sci-fi and whichever genres stick to the creative snowball. I wrote scenes for a fan film (based on a massively popular sci-fi franchise wink wink) that garnered a million views (refer to my name: Undisclosed, as I disown the film.

To state the obvious I am familiar with a certain "mollusk-themed, cartoon tactical warfare" game. My favourite varient of that is Wxxms 3D. Will I be relegated to hell for that? I found out about this game some time ago, but was probably more invested in Warzone 2314 (until I realised it goes wrong regardless of distro).

Should anyone be interested in employing the unutilised talents of a struggling digital music creator and graphic artist, then I will gladly step up.

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Hi there, everyone. Here's little bit about me in real life:

  • I have been diagnosed with mild autism since I was 3 years old, so you might find it hard for you to talk with me, especially if I don't seem to be clear in my communications at times.
  • My largest interests deal with computers no matter where they are used Geek, and regardless of their form, and I am capable of getting interested in anything else (not all interests are within my scope).
  • I am a heavy user of open source software, self-converted from my family's beginnings with Microsoft Windows (I am now booting only Ubuntu GNU/Linux, with Windows 7 and soon FreeBSD as PC-BSD running in virtual machines). I try to stick with open source wherever and whenever possible, except when proprietary software is the only way I must get something done, and when no viable open source offering exists or matches up with what needs to be done.
  • I am currently enrolled as a student for a 4-year degree in computer science (at Prairie View A&M University), with the help of a scholarship based on how well my grades were in high school (mostly A's and B's).
I have heard of Hedgewars several years before, but it was only on the last weekend of this May that I have started playing this game. In a matter of days, I liked it Smile, along with many more open source games that I have played or tried before. However, in another post, I will explain most of the flaws I found in this game, as nothing is really going to be perfect, and offer any fixes I make for it; many of these fixes for now are not going to be code. Wink Smiley

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Dear Hedgehogs,

I'm Tobias from Berlin/Germany and prefer to go shopp(a)ing. Back in the days I used to play shoppa as Sir TToby and just recently rediscovered the game. So if anyone is ever interested in some challenging medium-serious Shoppa duels, send me a PM or find me on the official server!

See ya around, tobitobi

Mini Bobo
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Bobo is here. Afresh and anew.

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Hi everyone!

Shark 93
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Hello Hedgehogs,
I have finally retrieved this 8+ years old account of mine! Smile

Yeah I have been a member for 8 years and 37 weeks now. I first discovered the game thanks to one of those CDs you get with computer magazines ... does that sound right? Or so I think. Big Grin

I live in Italy and I am downloading this game again, to see what has changed in 8 years time! See you on the battlefield Hedgehogs! Sunglasses!


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Heya. I am Shadow The Worm. I am a Worms veteran, who has recently moved into the Hedgewars timeline. I am 14 years old. I like playing all Worms series and roleplay in Hedgewars. I even have created the series of Worms story mods titled Worms NT.

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New account, but not to the game. Played worms armageddon with my cousins growing up. Been around playing the good open games like this.

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Greetings! Big Grin Name's Rodion, 21 years old, born in Russia, city Yakutsk. I chosen such nickname originating from Russian "винт" which means "screw". Naturally I just like to screw some things and begin from white paper with more enhancements instead of managing legacy stuff. My official nickname is "vintproykt": find on Youtube (I plan to publish trailer of my campaign in future, so don't forget to subscribe Wink Smiley ), also I'm on GitHub, StackOverflow, Discord, Hangouts, etc.

I began my diving into programming in 12-13 with my majorly beloved language JavaScript. I saw the perspective behind using this language for, as smart people would call, Single Page Applications. OK, that part is just boring for Hedgewarriors, I guess?

I'll just point out that my first computer was bought by my mom as birthday surprise. Sooner at first day I drew something hopeful in Paint. Then year ago, oh my god, you will laugh: I made first game in PowerPoint and called it "Приключения Саида". After all, I was up to make something more dynamical and customizable: for that purpose I learned GameMaker Language. These are times spent in local city net, in isolation from cost of WAN access there. But now I prefer Unity, of course, and can't think just about single purpose of JavaScript because there are a lots of.

So, 6-7 years ago between torrent tracker's results I got something to play: it's Hedgewars. Graphics looked promising, why not try! Hm, what an interesting parody of Worms - and it's yet simplistic in terms of scripting. Also, as I discovered more deeply lately, it's free as air. FOSS is love, FOSS is life! Punch! Threw away Photoshop and Macromedia Flash Professional, and replaced them with GIMP and Inkscape. These are really helpful in making graphics for the websites and many other purposes.

I dived into open source development far from 2014 and it's like a breath of fresh ozone for me still since that time. It literally changes the mind <3 I contributed into Garry's Mod Expression Advanced 2 and StarfallEx add-ons development, some documentation edited.

I'm working on some complex solutions for Hedgewars as side project: like Officident campaign and new application which helps organize missions development with ease. Flying Saucer Hedgehog What makes me really happy:

* Geek I can transform into writer and think about Hedgewars universe, what's in hedgehogs' minds, what motives drive each of them, how I can build the bridge between campaign characters and real players the right way - through gameplay, good plot, comics (stay tuned!);
* Sunglasses! I can be programmer which makes reusable application for long-term support for myself and other hogwriters to make campaign in several finger snaps (not really, but you get the analogy);
* Love Eyes! I am artist, nevermind how less I believe in it sometimes, because I still work on pixel-perfect pictures and also vector graphics which are more declarative and nice IMO, but my drawing skills became stagnant. By the way I began working on the comics and I'll try to do my best.

I hope we guys will make good in this neat community again and again! Flying

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@vint Wow. That's a looong post w/ plenty of interesting stuff, but I figured I'd just note that we have an (unmaintained) javascript cross-compile for hedgewars if you'd be interested in trying to revive it.

Oh, what the heck. 1PLXzL1CBUD1kdEWqMrwNUfGrGiirV1WpH <= tip a hedgewars dev

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nemo allegedly wrote:

@vint Wow. That's a looong post w/ plenty of interesting stuff, but I figured I'd just note that we have an (unmaintained) javascript cross-compile for hedgewars if you'd be interested in trying to revive it.

I'm glad you offered me such task! I gotta go to IRC to discuss it with you. Wink Smiley

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vint allegedly wrote:
I chosen such nickname originating from Russian "винт" which means "screw".

Nah, it means methamphetamine.

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Lyberta allegedly wrote:

vint allegedly wrote:
I chosen such nickname originating from Russian "винт" which means "screw".

Nah, it means methamphetamine.

Hmm, I assume it is gross, sir/mam. And the reason behind choosing "винт" actually was that it's adapted (in Russian) first name of Gyro Gearloose from my beloved DuckTales series.

FYI, an association is not directly related to drugs.

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Eh, I just like to point out silly things.

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You could call me claude IRL, I go by Wormhug on Hedgewars.
I am signle male 24 years old going to be 25 in the next days.
I live in Tunisia very interesting country.
My dream is to change the world.
I came across this game when I was getting to know Ubuntu.
I like food and beauty.

phurry.phucker ig
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Hey, a new player! I guess this game isn't dead. I happy because i remember playing this all the time on my dad's ubuntu and having a blast. Anyway, follow my insta and i look forward to participating in this forum! Wink Smiley Censored!

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Hello there,
You might (surely) not know me. Let me introduce myself: I am HALP, I am from Romania and I have been playing this beautyful and awesome game for 2 solar years time. That's it. Now you know me!
Thank you for your time!
Your friend,


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oi sou f1shster.

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Well, I guess I should say something or another:
Heya, I go by Dat_Boi on Hedgewars
I'm a crazy guy who likes video games, art, design, and chocolate cake.
I'm always ready to talk with others on the Hedgewars forum, so go on! LET THE FORUMING BEGIN!!!
(Lol wut am I doing XD )
Have a great day everybody!!!
Big Grin

Oh man waddup

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Lesson learned from the very likes of "N. Tesla & T. Edison "
Money making machine &or imagine a Robot comprized of Free-Pascal with 2ds & 3ds for mittens?

I hold legacey of my indian grand mother & rights of my mother, her pappose.

i. I request money payments from my "Indian Band"
Be recognized by the, US, Canadian & Mexician Governments as an aboriginal "citizen from Bad-Lands"
ii. Recive the notice "My Diploma sent from JPL, California."

& iii. & final request
"don't thank Jesus or Alha &or Bob Marley for ... but, give 2DS .. 3DS free-pascal thanks to Japan Good Swimmer. An Americian the, darling puppy (whom always put up the rest of the litter & parents) with somewere better to live!"

Dim wit Caucasians whom left for Mal- for radio active dead in front of intellectual grocery store store "still bleeding with ripped braw & panties"
Pleae Note: I have need of your help, it's not to late to save a her...

Kenneth Dwayne Lee

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