Hedgewars Team Guide

Warning: This guide is very outdated.

Hedgewars Team Guide

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. General Configuration
3. Advanced Configuration
4. Saving

Section 1: Introduction

Hedgewars allows a player to control multiple hogs in a "team" of 8 hedgehogs. There is a default team that comes with your installation; however, configuring your own allows you to make your hogs look uber-awesome and also gives you custom controls for each team.

To start your team-customizing journey, go to the title screen and click the settings button (lower-right). You should now be in the settings screen.

The team menu is in the top-left section of the screen. To add a team, press the plus (+) button. To edit or delete a team, select the team from the drop-down menu and click either the pencil icon for editing or the 'X' for deleting.

Section 2: General Configuration

If you chose to add or edit a team, you should be in the team's General Configuration screen.

In the right side of the screen, we have the Team Members pane. This lets you configure the look and names of each hog on the team. To change the look of a hog, either select your desired avatar from one of the drop-down menus, or click one of the dice icon to get a random costume. To change a hog's name, simply enter the new name in the field between the drop-down and the dice.

Moving to the left, there is the Team Settings and Fort pane. The fields are as follows (top to bottom):

Name: Team name, will be shown on all drop-down team selection menus.

Type: Designates whether this team will be controlled by a human or AI. If AI, select from level 1 (child's play) to level 5 (challenge).

Grave: The decoration that pops up upon land (not water) death of a hog.

Flag: Your team's flag, which shows up on your fort in fort mode and at the bottom of the game screen.

Voice: Select from the many cute dialogue packs for your hogs to speak.

Fort: The look of your team's fort, used in Fort Mode.

If you would like to select a random team from the game's database, simply click "Random Team" at the bottom of the Team Members pane. The team settings are already configured appropriately for the theme.

Section 3: Advanced Configuration

To move from General to Advanced configuration, click the "Advanced" tab on the top bar. Here, you have four subpanels to choose from the following:

Basic controls: keybinds for basic hog control (such as movement, attacking, and switching).
Weapon controls: shortcuts for accessing the ammo menu, switching between weapon slots, and setting explosives timers.
Camera/cursor controls: shortcuts for panning around the screen, zooming, and finding current hog.
Other: Miscellaneous keybinds, such as chat, pausing, volume, fullscreen, and screenshots.

In the central pane, click one of the four categories to access that subpanel. To edit a field, click on the drop-down menu for the field and choose an available key or button. Note: Hedgehog does not check for duplicate keybinds: make sure you assign each control to a different key.

For conciseness reasons, we won't go over each individual field. If you would like more information on the control scheme, see here. Also, note that custom keybinds are only usable by the team they are added to.

Section 4: Saving

On either the general or advanced configuration screen, click the save icon (lower-right) to save your configuration and start playing with your team. Happy gaming!

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