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i have in mind to adapt the AI survival scheme that i played with nemo, into a challenge
the scheme is about kill as much enemy as possible before they kill you, the enemy (AI) respawn after death.

my idea is to make it as a challenge mission

i tried some stuff on lua, but i had a problem with gfAISurvival, it didn't work...
for this challenge, i have some idea, so i need your opinions,

first i suggest you to play an AI survival game : modify default scheme by adding AI survival and illimited attack.

so did you try ? good

i suggest adding ammo crates, health and utility(resurrector and vampire) after each turn, or after each enemy killed (or every X enemy killed)
vampire option, should we set it in gameflag, or just let it in
utility crate, and vampirisme should be only for the player team, the AI respawn, it don't need vampirism no ?

have you some suggestion for the ammostore ? for now i play it with the default ammostore

no sudden death

also, its a challenge, so it need something to count how much enemy you killed,
maybe a difficulty choice too (choosing as in WxW mode Wink Smiley )
it would work like this : 5 difficulty level at least : one for each AI level,
we can also have level difficulty based on ammostore, crate content etc...

finally, if player share score, it need an unique map to be fairplay.

we could also think about some achivement as in space inv and tumbler mode : if you kill X enemy : Serial killer achivement unlocked....

there is some stuff i can do in lua, but not everything, particularly for the calcul of how many enemy have been killed

so i ask your opinion about how this challenge should be,
and maybe if you wanna do the lua file or help ... Smile

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I'm not sure vampirism, resurrector, or health crates are a good idea. I understand that you want to survive longer, but the whole point of AI Survival is that you try survive as long as possible. If you keep adding things to make it easier to heal eventually skilled players are just going to be able to play forever, defeating the point.

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then, just a simple AI survival challenge,
just need the same map for the challenge to be same for all
and maybe re think the ammo store, cause, infinite attack is good, but when you fire more than 10 bazooka, its a bit cheatting,
also when AI fire 5grenade and 3 bazooka on you, its ... not cool

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