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Hello fellas...

We are thinking about making a new tournament soon, but we want to make it perfect! And for that we need your opinion.

Can you help us?... Just answer the 7 questions below".

  1. What did you like and dislike about previous tournaments?

  2. What was the biggest disappointment of the tournaments?

  3. Which modes would you like to play in the next tournament?

    Example: Pro mode, The Specialists, Space Invasion, etc...

  4. What tournament system you would like to see in the next tournament?

    Example: Play-off system, knock-out system, league system, etc...

  5. How much time do you think we should give to the players to play their games?

  6. What should be the prize for the winner?

  7. Is there anything else you would like to see introduced in this tournament?

    Please answer these questions in a comment in this thread, we would appreciate it

    - We love you - Love Eyes!

    -the Hedgewars Tournament Dev Team- Flying

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No one? Sad Smiley :C

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You know how dead the forums are these days... maybe you should try and get this topic front-paged.

1. On the whole I thought they were a lot of fun. They brought the community together, they provoked a lot of discussion, they forced us to try game styles we hadn't really tried before, they were something to get excited about... at least, the first couple of tournaments were like this.

2. Too many people lose interest and drop out. It doesn't help that rounds have tended to drag on far too long in the past few tournaments. You need to set a hard time limit and stick to it.

3. Anything but Shoppa and Highlander, pretty much. There are lots of other ways to play, and this is a great way to introduce players to other ways of playing the game.

4. Swiss. If you go with knockout, you halve your max player count every round... that's not going to do much to sustain interest. People still drop out in Swiss, but at least there's an opportunity to continue and still be in with a chance.

5. Not more than a week or two. This limit should be strictly upheld, or it holds everyone else up and they just lose interest entirely. This could really make or break a tournament.

6. Hedgewars mugs, t-shirts? Basically any other gimmicky-type things that we can post pictures of. Other than that, the glory of being proclaimed the winner in a blog post followed by hundreds of people should be enough.

7. If you want to attract any sort of interest, you have to actively post and blog about it. Regular front-page posts, facebook updates, twitter updates, maybe footage from games on youtube... all things hedgewars could benefit from right now.

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I agree with pretty much all of claymore's points.

The most important issue though I think is time-frame. You can't have a tournament that drags over months and months. As claymore stated, players just lose interest and drop out. I was forced to drop out of the last (shoppa) tournament simply because most of the players in my groups never showed up and thus I couldn't generate as many points as people who lost more games than I did.

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This game is fun, I don't see why everyone has lost interest. While it may be a Worms spoof, Worms didn't go into the level of detail this game did. :P

As for everyone ditching your Shoppa tournament, Shoppa is REALLY hard, and even pros tend to slip up and fail, so they might've backed out due to stress.

As for tournament types, maybe you should do a regular game with a custom weapon set. Anything over-the-top or refined to a certain aspect of hogslaughter would be nice, although don't allow infinite mudballs. I have lost entire matches in one round due to the other guy using only mudballs and Transport Utilities.


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I agree that it's fun. I still find it fun after years, which isn't something I can say for every game.

As to why everyone has lost interest, I don't think it's a great mystery. When Tiyuri, Armagon and Palewolf left, a huge creative force left also. Add to that the fact that there has been very little presence on facebook, twitter, or even hedgewars' own blog.

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1. On a whole, I think tournaments are great, it's a motive for me to get back in the game if I haven't been playing recently. Also, it may just be me, but there seems to be a lot of Shoppa tournaments, and I really have no interest in those.

2. Losing... but that's my fault. XD

3. I want to see some attention given to some of the less noticed modes. I think there is one called Barrel Blast or something that I found fun, and I really haven't seen many people play it online.

4. What we've done before seems to work just fine.

5. I'm not sure, really. I'll edit if I think of something.

6. I enjoyed making the Sofa map for that one tournament winner (Sofaking, I think his name was) but I'm worried that I may either not have time to another or that the winner should request something outside of my skill level. (Still reeeaaallly inexperienced with Inkscape, I really haven't sat through any tutorials or anything.) I guess we'll have to wait and see for that one.

7. I like claymore's idea of recording the games or maybe even livestreaming some of them, if there is enough interest.

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I would love to take part in a tournament indeed, so here are my 2 cents:

3. Which modes would you like to play in the next tournament?

I am not an experienced player, yet I would like to have fun nonetheless. So with Shoppa I am feeling that I am only taking time from others, who have much higher skills.
So: Anything exciting would be great, and I would love to have more ropes available to excercise roping skills as well (just not *only* ropes ...). Enough time for more careful strategic planning would be fine, so more than 45 seconds per round. This should be a lazy game, not stressful.
No special mode one first has to study, though, like Continental Supplies (or Shoppa Smile ). No Highlander.

5. How much time do you think we should give to the players to play their games?

Not too long, while playing more than 1-2 times a week would be quite hard to manage for many, I assume.

6. What should be the prize for the winner?

Shiny Hedgehog Graphics of course. Great idea with implementing winner's names in maps.

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My usual favourite modes are Thinking with Portals, The Specialists and Clean Slate.
I rather enjoyed the last The Specialist tournament, even though the land restrictions were a bit confusing.
They could have been more clearly explained.

Practically, I'm betting a fair chunk of the server folks would like a Highlander tournament :-p

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For next tournament I'd suggest something similar to the current Challenge room - if unC0Rr feels like making that happen that is:

Automated rooms that will preselect the tournament scheme/weaponset/maps so that players don't have to bother with recreating/merging the tournament rules with their custom stuff.

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I liked that we had tourneys in the first place. I liked that we had a Default tournament. I liked that the match times were very flexible. I liked that everyone was honest (no cheaters, at least from what I’ve seen).

I dislike that one of them got cancelled, that they took ages, that the organizers seemed to be disorganized, that the rules were ambigious and impossible to fulfil until I complained. I disliked that some participants didn’t take the tourneys seriously.
I dislike that I sucked so much in the shoppa cup. That’s not your fault, obviously. XD

That one of them got cancelled.


If there are a huge number or participants, use the knockout system as it has been used like in the past Default tournament. Use a qualification round if neccessary.
For not so many players, a Swiss system ( could be considered.
For a small number of participants, a round-robin (“everyone vs everyone”) system can be used. (

Enough time to keep the tournament running.

I don’t care.

Yes. Rules that make sense, for example. Maybe a harsher no-show rule. A no-show should mean instant loss (of a single match), but a small time frame (about 5 minutes or so) should be always tolerable. Because there were de facto no such rule, the past tourneys took ages to complete.

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Thank you all for your comments. They have been helpful.

What I can see so far is that you have almost all the same ideas.

1- Not shoppa/highlander tournament. For many reasons.

2- The time to play the games should be short (Maybe less than a week).

3- Tournament system will depends on the number of participants.

4- There is no problems with the prize.

We are very grateful for your responses, we expect some more...

-the Hedgewars Tournament Dev Team- Flying

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Hey hey hey!

Been playing hedgewars for 5-6 years now, but haven't really joined the forum or anything.
I would be interested in playing/watching a tournament, and I bet some of my friends would be into it.
Can't really answer your questions since I haven't played a tournament before, but it would be fun to be able to win some merch.

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EVERYBODY plays highlander, if U want some people to play a tournament, make it highvamp.

Nice day everyone !

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