Play with a controller : script to control the mouse. Need autohotkey.

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Hi everyone !

Recently i came back to hedgewars and i wanted to play with a controller, dont ask why :p

So after some try and some help i have this for you :

First, create a team to use with your controller, you can find a post on the forum with pre-made controls.

Second : you need autohotkey. it creates macro and scripts etc...

Third you need these two scripts :


Joy10:: ; right stick button press (not on his axis)
    KeyWait, Joy10, T1     ; Wait 1 seconds
    if (ErrorLevel = 1)
        ;Send, % "#" "d" ;get back to the desktop
        Winactivate, ahk_exe explorer.exe  ; activate explorer.exe, you dont go back to desktop, test as windowed game, not in fullscreen
        ;MsgBox Held
        ;MsgBox Tapped
        run C:\Users\clement\Desktop\JoystickMouse.ahk  ; activate the joystickmouse script. if you have your own version of joymouse script,
                                                        ; add a way to exit it. i did it in my version at the end of the script.
                                                        ; there is a way to do it from here, but i can't make it work,
                                                        ; would need the id process of the ahk script or something else.

or :
Note, change the path for run C:userffffffffffffJoystickmouse.ahk

save as NAME.ahk

add this :

; you got to press the two button at the same time to exit this script, joy 5&6 (bumpers button) 
if getkeystate("joy5")
  if getkeystate("joy6")

to this script, at the end :

which give :

Save as JoystickMouse.ahk

Finally :

Run the first script, lets say : Name.ahk

now, use the right stick button, press it, not the x or y axis, press it.

it will open the joymouse script.

Use left stick as a mouse.

Press the bumpers at the same time (LB and RB)
it exit the mouse script.

VoilĂ .

It is not yet perfect,

Feel free to add functionnality to it and share them Smile

the beachs hogs surfin hedgewars

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In theory we have controller support, although I don't have one to test/fix/verify.

Oh, what the heck. 1PLXzL1CBUD1kdEWqMrwNUfGrGiirV1WpH <= tip a hedgewars dev

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