Previous Hedgewars versions

Below you find an (incomplete) list of past Hedgewars Releases. Please keep in mind that in order to play games together online, all players must be on same version!

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Hedgewars 0.9.23

Release Announcement
Win32 installer Hedgewars-0.9.23.exe(160MiB) (sha256: 86e235160a90ec6b80f3aa5b39e6ec05dbf7747fac75b3589d2956a3)
Mac OS X bundle Hedgewars-0.9.23.dmg(172 MiB)
Source hedgewars-src-0.9.23.tar.bz2(165 MiB) (sha256sum: da2e4908042be56d1c0f3cb80a355bde7f0a49f675b050a03228cc3f)

Hedgewars 0.9.22

Release Announcement
Win32 installer Hedgewars-0.9.22.exe(145MiB) (sha256: 42716d965037ae67022331f7ed1972e2a0289e97cee59df7b3bcc71de041180c)
Mac OS X bundle Hedgewars-0.9.22.dmg(170 MiB) (sha256: adc0b6dd3b47de115e85db1cb72841836444c0ebc77caee8139bfd6561e28fe8)
Source hedgewars-src-0.9.22.tar.bz2(153MiB) (sha256sum: b699c8971ff420c3edd6533527ae2e99040f1e79207c9140826945bcf0e62192)

Hedgewars 0.9.21

Release Announcement
Win32 installer Hedgewars-0.9.21.exe(145MiB) (md5: 1d226b29ebdabb18d587bc1a03565c46)
Mac OS X bundle Hedgewars-0.9.21.dmg(172 MiB) (md5: fabbf662cea9fd57d013270e6dffded4)
Source hedgewars-src- (md5: 5c87b1ff54c861ae0cae6a9c1198f957)

Hedgewars 0.9.20

Release Announcement
Win32 installer Hedgewars-0.9.20.exe(148MiB) (md5: 021956f68a08dcd4d73f914ccea0b4d0)
Mac OS X bundle Hedgewars-0.9.20.dmg(175 MiB) (md5: b95197e5cff14895660265983501a56d)
Source hedgewars-src- (md5: c61eb01466e86da656e1e74ad70a3217)

Hedgewars 0.9.19

Release Announcement
Win32 installer Hedgewars-0.9.19.exe(141MiB) (md5: e2206e478ce03a9a3cf51a2de5186e97)
Mac OS X bundle Hedgewars-0.9.19.dmg, Hedgewars-0.9.19_legacy.dmg(175 MiB), (??? MiB)
Source hedgewars-src- (md5: 5a308c66e3cef4b839b6cb9903adbf06)

Hedgewars 0.9.18

Release Announcement
Win32 installer hedgewars-0.9.18.exe(133 MiB)
Mac OS X bundle Hedgewars-0.9.18_legacy.dmg(154 MiB)
Source hedgewars-src-0.9.18-3.tar.bz2(172 MiB)

Hedgewars 0.9.17

Release Announcement
Win32 installer hedgewars-0.9.17.exe(125 MiB)
Mac OS X bundle Hedgewars-0.9.17_10.4+_i386_ppc.dmg(156 MiB)
Source hedgewars-src-0.9.17.tar.bz2(133 MiB)

Hedgewars 0.9.16

Release Announcement
Win32 installer hedgewars-0.9.16.exe(83 MiB)
Mac OS X bundle Hedgewars-0.9.16_10.4+_i386_ppc.dmg(153 MiB)
Source hedgewars-src-0.9.16.tar.bz2(82 MiB)

Hedgewars 0.9.15

Release Announcement
Win32 installer hedgewars-0.9.15.exe(83 MiB)
Mac OS X bundle Hedgewars-0.9.15_Universal.dmg(153 MiB)
Source hedgewars-src-0.9.15.tar.bz2(82 MiB)


Release Announcement
Win32 installer hedgewars- MiB)
Mac OS X bundle Hedgewars- MiB)
Source hedgewars-src- MiB)

Hedgewars 0.9.13

Release Announcement
Win32 installer hedgewars-0.9.13.exe(83 MiB)
Mac OS X bundle Hedgewars-0.9.13_Universal.dmg(108 MiB)
Source hedgewars-src-0.9.13.tar.bz2(82 MiB)

Hedgewars 0.9.12

Release Announcement
Win32 installer hedgewars-0.9.12.exe(74 847 kiB)
Mac OS X bundle Hedgewars-0.9.12_Intel.dmg(93 755 kiB)
Source hedgewars-src-0.9.12.tar.bz2(70 569 kiB)

Hedgewars 0.9.11

Release Announcement
Win32 installer hedgewars-0.9.11.exe(69 529 kiB)
Mac OS X bundle Hedgewars-0.9.11_Intel.dmg(87 449 kiB)
Source hedgewars-src-0.9.11.tar.bz2(65 557 kiB)

Hedgewars 0.9.10

Release Announcement
Win32 installer hedgewars-0.9.10.exe(58 206 Kb)
Source hedgewars-src-0.9.10.tar.bz2 or mirror(55 846 Kb)

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