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random dev screenshot of the day

In the next release of Hedgewars the Training/Mission screen(s) will get a new look so that they don't look so terribly empty, boring and quickly/cheaply done anymore.

New nick-list sorting

Hey guys!

I've been playing around with nick sorting recently.
This is the current result.
(It already is in the Hedgewars code repository and will be in the next version of Hedgewars, if nobody changes it :P)


  • case-insensitive, means: A-Z won't go above a-z anymore.
  • special characters are always below A-z
  • friends are always on top of the list
  • ignored nicks are always on the bottom

Any thoughts on this?

Share your opinion in the comments below
Big Grin

Your favorite part-time maniac,

For the screenshot I RANDOMLY added nicks as friends or ignored them, on my testing account.
I do not even know those people (except myself, maybe)!

sdw195's Feature Trailer!

I think he did a good job seeing it's his first Hedgewars video ever and that he only had limited time :D
(Also he got tricked into making it... muwahahah xD)

Enjoy! :D

Winter Release! 0.9.15 is here!

:: 'cuz our hedgehogs don't hibernate ::

    Frozen hog!    Winter has never looked this cool

  • There's a new theme to chill in: Christmas!
  • Let it snow! Watch the ground on maps using the Christmas and Snow themes, because the falling snow may change it to your advantage or disadvantage.

Deagle! New weapons

  • Are your enemies busy digging for oh-so-tasty earthworms instead of facing combat? Time to send a Drill Strike after them!
  • You want to push somebody from distance? Weapons are too expensive for you? You like to play in dirt or snow? A Mud Ball* should do the trick! (*wind effected; not recommended to be used as food replacement)

    Yellow Cap!    Optional Gameplay modes

  • Capture the Flag! Bring your enemy's flag to your home while protecting your own!
  • No Jumping! The temporary loss of floor contact makes you feel insecure? Then play without jumping and see new strategies evolve!
  • Random Weapon! You want to test your luck and skill? Then let the game give you and your enemies a random weapon each turn!

    Shocking    Draw your own maps

  • YES, you read that right! Now you can create and save your own hand-drawn maps and play them on any theme you want and with who you want! Note: Please do not use maps with motives not suitable for children on the official server, thanks!

FINALLY! Hedgewars is here! released. All users of 0.9.14 please upgrade

The following were dropped from 0.9.14 in the bugfix release to due bugs/user complaints. They may reappear in future releases.
  • Clicking on preview while on a map now switches to random terrain again. This fixes a desync.
  • The linking of scheme/ammo checkbox has been removed. This fixes a desync.
  • Weapon offsets were removed. Weapons now start from centre of hedgehog as in 0.9.13 again.
  • Random mines are back to 0 to 3 seconds.
  • Resurrector now resurrects multiple graves again.
  • Place hedgehogs mode starts with teleport. King mode still requires selecting teleport or skip turn.
I'm honored and happy to announce that the new version (0.9.14) of Hedgewars is now available for download in the Download section! :D
(It's possible that not all versions for all supported operating systems are available for download yet, so be patient!)


New devastating weapons!

Show no mercy and let your hedgehog army fry, smash, poison and destroy your enemies like never before!
Not only will the Flamethrower, Hammer, Sticky Mines and Old Limburger take your sadism to a new level, they will also let you forge new strategies for giving your challenger a hard time.
And if you are willing to sacrifice a hog for a good cause then you'll truly enjoy to wreak havoc behind enemy lines using the Piano Strike!

New powerful utilities!

You are lazy AND smart? You'll love the Portal Gun! Move yourself, hogs and things from A to B etc. and back! Be daring, be creative, be nasty! :D
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