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To XP or not to XP?

Hello folks,

As you know we're very community focused here at Hedgewars towers. So rather than a news post, I'm writing to ask your valued opinion on a feature we've mentioned briefly in the past but never really discussed in detail..  XP!

At the moment, playing Hedgewars in a casual way doesn't really have an incentive (beyond the amazing amounts of fun you'll have obviously), we'd like to change that, and we're wondering how you guys would like to see this implemented.

There is one rule however, any rewards or levels gained by XP/Tokens/etc will be purely cosmetic, there will by no means be a game changing advantage for those who decide they want to stat grind.

My current intention is to give players XP per kill, allowing players to "level up" or raise their personal rank. Certain ranks will come with rewards, i.e. icons in the multiplayer lobby and the ability to use special emotes that set off impressive fireworks that become only more impressive as your rank increases.

What do you guys think?

Hedgewars Mobile Main Menu

Here is a preview of the main menu being implemented for Hedgewars Mobile :)
Enjoy the music

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone,

No updates this time round, I just wanted to log on to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
It's that special time once again and I find it only proper that I suggest something that goes completely against everything I've said throughout the year...  don't play Hedgewars!

Spend the next few days with those nearest and dearest, your family, friends, loved ones. Unwrap presents, eat turkey, sing songs, play games and get drunk off your ass.. but I don't want to see you on the server!  (note: playing local Hedgewars together is acceptable).

In all seriousness though, I want to thank all of you that have helped make Hedgewars what it is today. We've had a wonderful year and the game is no longer just a small indie game, but a small community too, one that I am truely proud to be part of.

So again, Merry Christmas to you all! and a Happy New Year!

We've lots to update you on, but that will have to come soon.
Take care

The Hedgewars Team

Submit a flag

Hedgewars now supports the much requested life bar flags.

I'd like to invite you to submit and design your own flags for inclusion in the game.
You can do so and find information over at this thread:


Have fun!

Me messing around in 0.9.13

Background music is whatever i had playing in spotify
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