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New Physics!

I bet you didn't see this one coming...
Neither did we!

Our physics engine has been buffed up a great deal, the physics are much more accurate now and projectiles take into account the angle at which they strike the terrain, meaning you can do all sorts of new fancy shots..

Nemo does a trick shot using the new physics and low gravity!
The physics look a little unrealistic in this video, that's due to the low gravity.

Iphone Round 2

So, things have improved dramatically and very quickly on the iphone port.
You'll still see lots of odd things and there is still a huge amount to do, but I managed to get an AI vs AI match completed!

Please excuse the sound :P my tv is on in the background, I did untick "record audio" before recording, apparently my recording app is a little rebellious

In Koda we trust

Koda has been working hard to port the game to mobile platforms.
So I thought I'd present to you the first progress video, this is VERY early, and lots of things are broken.

- The screen res is wrong
- The hud is misplaced
- Water is broken
- Controls are broken
- Camera is broken
- It needs a new frontend
- You can't see where the land has deformed

But hey! It's running! And it runs fast too!


Hello guys,

Recently I've been busy and haven't frequented the forums as much as I usually do, I want to catch up, as I've seen a lot of questions directed at the devs.

If you ask a question in the comments section of this news post, you'll get an answer. I'll attempt to answer every comment, as long as the question isn't too stupid.


Some update videos

Here's our first video for you, you should be able to spot a few updates here and there in this one ;)
Let us know what you think  :)

Click me

Oh and here's a bonus video for you..
Here's what our voice actor does with his spare time...

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