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Something that's been bothering me for a while has been the airstrike graphics..

They weren't actually drawn by me, and didn't really fit the rest of the drawings. Also.. it's just way too small, how would you fit a hog in that tiny jet? So I redrew it....

Do you like it?

Zoom Zoom Zoom

We've finally found something for your mouse wheel to do :)

Click me :)

Click me :)

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Comments were disabled again by default -_- I've enabled them

What will we be doing with your accounts?

So we've enabled accounts on the gameserver again, and you can sign into the game server with your hedgewars.org account.. but... what's the point right?

Well right now, there isn't one, beyond reserving your name so no one else can use it.
But I'm just going to give you a little bit of info on what we're working on, and what you'll be able to do with a registered account in the near future.

First of all, there is standard stat tracking.
Your wins, losses, rank and other stats will be recorded and you'll be able to view them on Hedgewars.org

Next, we're implemented a leveling system, and XP.
The system will be very similar to ones you find in RPG style games, every time you make a kill your hog will earn a certain amount of XP (this XP increases when you play against other, higher level players).

When you earn enough XP, your level will increase.
Your level is displayed in the Hedgewars.org Lobby beside your name.
Having a higher level will *not* make you stronger
But when you reach certain levels you will unlock special commands that allow you to show off your high level without affecting the game.

You can also lose XP for killing team mates, or suicidal turns.
You will be able to disable XP loss for your match, but you will also be unable to gain XP in these matches.

We will also be adding information on your various achievements to your stats page.
For example, if you win the current Hedgewars tournament, you will not only gain the prizes already mentioned, but you will get a bonus amount of XP (when the fearture is implemented) and "Tournament Winner" will be added to your account page.

This is just a taste of what we have planned for you.

PolishLinux.org review Hedgewars

Adam from http://polishlinux.org/ has written an article on Hedgewars, he goes into detail on what he liked most and disliked about the game. If you're still not sure about trying Hedgewars, perhaps check out his artcile.

Read it here:  http://polishlinux.org/apps/hedgewars-the-worms-redesigned/

If anyone knows of any other articles on websites or in the media we haven't seen yet, please let us know :)

Fan Trailer

Harmless911 has submitted a trailer he's very excited about
He even took it upon himself to call it "Official"

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