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Welcome to the Hedgewars Wiki, the place for in-depth information about Hedgewars.

For version: 1.0.0.

Game Manual

Trying to find out more about the controls and weapons of Hedgewars? Want to read up about a particular gameplay mode you've seen people playing on the official server? Or just trying to figure out how to configure the game? You've come to the right place.


Information for contributors, artists and developers can be found in the Hedgewars Knowledge Base.

Below, you can find how-to links to the Knowledge Base on creating your own content. To use new content online, all participating players will need the same files.

Excellent submissions will have a chance to be included by default in future releases of the game.

If you've got additional questions or encounter problems, feel free to ask us on the forums or visit us on IRC; or report a bug.



If you want to help out in the wiki, request editing rights from nemo, sheepluva or unC0Rr. You can talk to them e.g. in our chatroom.

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