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Quick explanation of forts and how to create them
Updated Thu, 24 Mar 2016 09:55:10 -0400 by nemo


Explanation of forts

Forts are a piece of landscape used in fort mode. Two such forts are placed on the landscape in fort mode, usually close together to hit other hedgehogs from one fort to another, but far enough so that hedgehog can’t reach the other fort by jumping or walking. Prior to the game, each team has its own fort assigned to it in the team editor.

Creating a fort

Creating a fort is a relatively simple task.

To create a fort, you have to create one or two graphics in PNG format, one for the fort on the left side and optionally (since 0.9.22) one for the fort on the right side. Normally these images are just mirrored, but you may want to apply some graphical tweaks for written text or shadows.

All transparent pixels are open air and all opaque and semitransparent pixels are part of the fort.

Both images have to be at a size of exactly 1024×1024 pixels.

The file names of the image files have to follow this name scheme: fortnameL.png for the left fort and fortnameR.png for the right fort. “fortname” will be the name how the fort will appear in Hedgewars, replace it with the name you want.

Since version 0.9.22, fortnameR.png can be omitted if it is just a perfect mirror image of fortnameL.png .

Please try to only use alphanumeric characters and the underscore when choosing a name.

When you are finished, save the files in Data/Forts of your Hedgewars data directory.

Sharing forts

You can only play a Fort Mode game with custom forts against other players online if all participating players have the fort installed under the same name.

If any player does not have the fort installed, the game will fail to start and an error message is displayed.

You are encouraged to share your forts in the thread “Forts! additions, submissions, information.”, where submissions are considered for official inclusion into Hedgewars.

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