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The Almost Ultimate Community Flag Pack is a collection of flags with the goal to include (almost) all flags ever made for Hedgewars into one HWP file (except mine, those are here).
This flag pack can be found in DLC.

Included flags
120 flags are included (13 national flags + 107 community flags):

I tried to include all flags I were still able to find in the flags thread, other forum threads and hh.unit22.org, but a few exclusion criteria exist:

  • Flag is already in Hedgewars
  • The flag is barely distinguishable from another flag (variant flags are okay, but I try not to overdo it)
  • The author is against inclusion (Posting in the flag thread counts as an “OK” for me, do not post here if you do not want to share)
  • Flag was made by me, because there are way too many of them. You find those flags in Wuzzy's Unsorted Flag Pack

Download and installation
This flag pack can be downloaded from one of the following sources:
- Inside the Hedgewars application, “Downloadable Content” section
- From hedgewars.org

If you downloaded this pack with the browser, you have to put the file into:

  • GNU/Linux: ~/.hedgewars/Data
  • Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Hedgewars/Data
  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\Hedgewars/Data

If you download this flag pack, the following HWP files (in your Data/ directory) will be obsolete as The Almost Ultimate Community Flag Pack includes all of those flags inside them. You can (and should) delete them to avoid duplicates:

  • flag-pack.hwp (ancient flag pack from DLC)
  • Flag_FlagID_v3.hwp
  • Flag_cm_ShoppaPower.hwp
  • Flag_cm_cup.hwp

How to get your flag into the flag pack
It's easy: Just post in the flags thread as usual, I'll do the rest. Whenever I feel like it, I will update this flag pack.
If you want to have a particular name, either upload the flag with the correct name or write the desired name in your post. Otherwise, I just pick a name by myself.
You may also want to read the short Flags article on the Hedgewars Knowledge base.
This will be no guarantee that I will keep the name. I will change the name if:

  • Fails basic naming conventions (see HWKB)
  • Name is already taken
  • Other exceptions (hopefully this happens not too often)

This flag pack contains flags from AlexYeCu, Berker, CHEESE DR.LOL, Darkdragon1k, dos, DZE-MasteR, fajarrizky, G4JC, Gallaecio, iiiGerardoiii, JStheguy, Kamil532, Kiibakun, Kiofspa, kkirill, KoBeWi, MeinCookie95, Miguelac, mouffy, rbaleksandar, Rizzix, RM-Wienerwürstchen, RodlenJack, RoFra, sCon3d, SDM, seana11, SgtRenny, Smaxx, sphrix, Star and Moon, Stef, TheMadCharles, Thomas, thuban, TiVo, Vatten, Wymiatacz and Zigz1. Thanks to all of you to help increasing the number of flags. Smile
Most flags come from this thread: Flags! additions, submissions, information.
Per-flag credits are in a text file inside the HWP file because the list would explode otherwise. You can open the HWP file with a simple unzipping utility (HWP files are just Zip files with a different file name suffix).
Flags from TheMadCharles are included and licensed under CC-BY 3.0.
cm_indonesia_heart.png is made by fajarrizky and falls under the GNU FDL.

See also

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Ayy thx for including my stuff! Big Grin

IMO the Trollface flag should be cleaned up a bit, cuz there's some green and magenta stuff around it, unless that was the intention and it would be interesting to see W:A vs Hedgewars flag!

oh hi

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Well, for this flag pack I usually just take the user-submitted images and copy them verbatim.
Feel free to post better flags in the flags thread. :P
I agree the trollface looks bad. Maybe that's the troll? xD
I am willing to replace any of these flags if someone posts a better-looking version. Nemo already gave be a better Tux flag which I will include in version 2. But I will only make updates if a couple of flags have accumulated or when I feel like it.

Hi, I am a Hedgewars developer. Smile

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