Universality and other stories

Hello people!
I'm here to report an exciting feature for the next Mac OS X build!

Hedgewars is finally a UNIVERSAL application!

This means that, unlike the current build, which is for Intel Leopards only, will run on PowerPC and Intel Macs, as well as Leopard and Tiger!

This means two new architectures and two new systems officially supported! So now any Mac user will be able to play Hedgewars, no excuses!

To celebrate the occasion I've updated the compilation guide, available here!

In other stories I've finally written some documentation for launching hwengine from command line! There's room for improvement, so go read it here

Koda out


You can now jump with hats


I hate fraps, if anyone knows of a better video capture application for windows, preferably one that will compress the videos for me for quick upload, please do let me know.


Tried out CamStudio, pretty nice..
I can get videos on to the site like this:

Frontend Improvements

Screenshots Please

Hello there,

First of all a brief progress report.  is nearing completion, vampire and karma game modes are already complete. The new vampire utility weapon is complete. Some bug fixes are done and we're well on track, you'll also find a fun new feature in this release that I haven't revealed yet.

Expect this soon. Then we'll begin our next tournament. 2v2 so you'd better begin finding partners!

Do you have any other interesting ideas for game modifiers?

Second,  I think it's about time I updated the media page.
If anyone would like to post screenshots from 0.9.10, or even better.. make a trailer or video, I'll pick the best ones and put them up on the site for all to see.

So if you fancy yourself as a virtual photographer, get snapping and lets see what you can do


What's next

Well I'm here to share with you our latest set of plans for Hedgewars.
0.9.10, like most major releases, contains some irritating bugs. The bug's aren't critical, but we want to stamp them out before 0.9.11.


Because we want to run a second tournament on 0.9.10. This tournament will be a 2v2 tournament, and will run similarly to the first. Again there may be real world prizes for winning.

So, In order to get a release out before 0.9.11, in perperation for the tournament, we're working on a small 0.9.10.....5?  release,  this release will contain a few things.

We're going to implement a new weapon. This won't be the one on the home page vote, that will come in 0.9.11. But it will be a fun one all the same.

We're also going to implement a new utility, the "vampire" utility. Any damage you do in your next turn, heals your hedgehog by the same amount.

To go with this utility, there will be two new game modifiers, which we are currently calling Vampire and Empathy. Vampire will be the same as the utility just described, but it will be a global effect that lasts the entire game. Empathy is quite different, any damage you do to hedgehogs.. you will also recieve that damage yourself!   Meaning your aim is to knock enemy hogs into the water whilst doing as little damage as possible, or you might end up blowing yourself up!

Apart from this, here is the list of bugs I've identified in 0.9.10 so far, that we hope to fix for 0.9.11

* Netgame hangs when one player leaves game sometimes
* Server crashes related to account integration
* Buffer errors occur sometimes
* Include files excluded from some release packages due to cmakelist
* Sync error in multiplayer lobby, some players not seeing selected predifined map, having to switch to generated map + back to make everyone see it
* under some circumstances (seems room being destroyed whilst playing is one) being returned to lobby causes game list to show incorrect data, refresh does nothing, only rejoining works.. is connection to lobby actually terminated?
* under some circumstances, closing a single player game generates an incorrect state error message, it doesn't actually cause any problems but it's annoying. I think it might be to do with leaving the multiplayer lobby then going into single player. Restarting frontend fixes it.

If anyone has found or discovered any other bugs, I'd appreciate them posting a comment on this news post to inform us!

Anyway those are our plans, more details on the next tournament soon.

I wonder who's going to take out Me and unC0Rr :)

Also, I've found proof that not upgrading hedgewars is the work of Satan himself, so upgrade!

0.9.10 Released!

It's here folks, our biggest ever hedgewars update

You can download it  HERE

The changelog is huge, and I'll be working on putting it up on the site soon, but I didn't want to delay the release any further, so I'll just mention the main points for now.

  • Many many more terrain generation options, maps can be huge, very small, caverns, caves, stepping stones.. you name it.

  • To accompany these new terrain generation options there are new themes and musical tracks

  • On top of this there are a ton of brand new preset maps, have your hogs fight on city scapes and lazy old men in hammocks!

  • Lots of new hats (total of 79 now!) and to add to the hats, some new voice work

  • A new type of weapon called a utility has been added, these weapons drop in utiltiy crates and boost your hedgehogs abilities, low gravity, laser sight, extra time, extra damage, forcefield

  • Alongside weaponsets we now have "scheme sets", this means you can save gameplay options into a scheme for later use. We've also added a whole load more options for you to use in your schemes, you can add borders to any map, disable mines, enable low gravity, make all hogs invincible, and more.

  • The server has been given a major upgrade, you can now reserve your name with your hedgewars.org account. At the moment there are no stats in game, but we may already begin tracking them to display them later, so remember to log in! We are also integrating the game with the website.

  • A new Despeckling gameplay feature removes stray pixels from the terrain after fires/big explosions

  • Graphics updates, language updates, music and sound updates across the board

  • Demos can now be played without the frontend

  • Weapons and hogs can now bounce off of the water if they hit it at the right speed/angle.. this can be used in a very interesting way with the rope ;)

  • Hedgewars can now generate your team for you if you're feeling lazy, it also generates random teams for "quick play" mode, and even uses appropriate hats. I.e. it will generate a ninja team, with ninja names/hats!

  • The game now officially works on windows, linux and mac!

  • Changed girder functionality completely to make it a much more interesting and fun weapon!

  • lots more



Instructions to use your hedgewars.org account on the game server below

1.  To use your account on the game server the first thing you need to do is go into your account settings page and change your password, it doesn't have to be different from the old one, but just changing it will register your account on the game server.

2.  Once you've done this, go into the options menu in Hedgewars, set your player name to match your hedgewars.org account name.

3.  When you join the official server you will be prompted for a password, enter your hedgewars.org password.

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