Here's what the Ammo menu looks like now

Here's what the ammo menu looks like now:

Ammo Menu

Sprite Sheet

I thought some of you might like to see this

It's my current sprite sheet for hedgewars..

It's incomplete and a lot of stuff on there is work in progress.

But here it is anyway

Sprite Sheet

Click and drag to scroll up and down

New Feature

Here to show off a new feature coming to is a little friend of mine!

Watch Me!

Update, you can now write comments on this news post..

for some reason it keeps disabling them by default, ill have to keep an eye on this!


Universality and other stories

Hello people!
I'm here to report an exciting feature for the next Mac OS X build!

Hedgewars is finally a UNIVERSAL application!

This means that, unlike the current build, which is for Intel Leopards only, will run on PowerPC and Intel Macs, as well as Leopard and Tiger!

This means two new architectures and two new systems officially supported! So now any Mac user will be able to play Hedgewars, no excuses!

To celebrate the occasion I've updated the compilation guide, available here!

In other stories I've finally written some documentation for launching hwengine from command line! There's room for improvement, so go read it here

Koda out

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