Second Tournament Registrations Now Closed *Update*

To celebrate the latest hedgewars release 0.9.11 we will hold the second tournament, a 2v2 this time.

The tournament will begin on Monday, the 8th of June and the first round
will run through the next week until Sunday, the 14th of June. The following rounds will be in subsequent weeks.

Simply make a user account (if you're a forum member you should already have one) and leave a comment to this post. It should include your player name and the name of your team as well as your partner's player and team name. Signup will be possible until Sunday 23:00 CET.


  • A party must consist of two players and two teams.
  • Each player must use his login (same password as on the website).
  • Each Team will have two Hedgehogs, so it will be 4 Hedgehogs per side.
  • AI teams are forbidden.
  • Players must use the same teams all the way through the tournament.
  • Each match will be the best of three games.
  • Each game will use the default weaponset, health and turn time.
  • Each match will take place on a randomly generated map.
  • Every game in a particular round must be played within the week scheduled for that round.
  • When a match is finished, players must announce the winners in the forum thread at the end of this post.
  • Demos should be saved for matches where possible.
  • Matches not played within the week schedule will be subject to review, if one or both parties are found to be responsible for the match
    not being played, that player/players will be knocked out of the tournament.
  • If a network problem occurs whilst both parties have more than 3 hogs the match will be replayed.
  • If a network problem occurs when one party has less than 3 hogs, the party with the most hogs at the time is declared the winner.
  • If a network problem occurs when both parties have the same hog count (but less than 4), the party with the most combined hp will win.
  • Organising when a match is played within the week scheduled is down to the players.

The winning teams will get fame, glory... and fancy Hedgewars t-shirts! (1,2).

Registration's now closed. All players should have access to the tournament area in the forums now (contact me if I missed anyone). Please head over there for the ladder and get your match dates set up. Have fun!

Tournament Coordination

Oh, hai!

I'm happy to announce that registrations for the next tournament will be open very soon.

Geek As the newly elected tournament coordinator, I'll be happy to oversee the tournament and aid you in every imaginable way

You can get at me in the IRC channel or via Email. I answer to the names of jesse or jessor.

Smile and shine

hey, I'm back!
I'm sorry I wasn't around in time for release, but the trip is over and I can catch up!

So here's the (slow) mirror link for Hedgewars 0.9.11: DOWNLOAD
use this until the build is uploaded to the official server

There are some improvements and bug fixes, most notably
- gameserver is now available
- single button right click correctly works
- support for Tiger added

This release is Intel only as there are some major issues in the engine for non-x86 architectures! Unfortunately until i get a PPC Macintosh i won't be able to fix them!

Enjoy (or not)

0.9.11 Released!

Initially proposed as a quick maintenance release, it kept growing.

You can download it  HERE

The OSX build is now available. For those who downloaded it prior to roughly 2009-05-25 00:40 UTC please download again, there were some missing libraries.

  • Speech Bubbles - during your turn, have your hedgehog express himself.  In chat, use "regular speech"  'thought bubbles'  -action bubbles-  with the quote marks completely surrounding the entire typed text.  You can also use /hsa /hta /hya to fire off a bubble at the moment of your attack.

  • New graves and hats, my favourite grave being the dead hedgehog.  Also some tweaks to theme graphics.

  • Two new taunts - a /shrug and /juggle -ing.

  • New mobster voice! Also a remake of the default voice set.

  • Animated stars in the frontend.  If you want to turn them off, use the Frontend Effects checkbox in settings.

  • Plenty of new theme music and a new frontend theme.

  • Some new game modes. Karma, any injury you caused (not including drowning) is dealt to you too, unless invulnerable.  Vampirism, where you feed off damage you deal, gaining 80% of it.  Artillery, where your hog can not move about.

  • Options to control mine quantity and timer.  Those are made use of in a Minefield scheme/weapon set as one of the default sets.

  • The sniper rifle demonstrated in previous news post.

  • Various fixes such as: prevent desync when a player quits, fix a crash at end of game in reduced quality, bug in synching changes to map and scheme in room, fix bug in disconnection from server, hedgehogs keep hats while jumping, bug in rope/parachute when drowning with active girder/teleport, bug in rope that on rare occasion deleted it on firing and an alternate font for Chinese/Japanese text that should render correctly in-game.

  • In addition, hopefully any missing graphics and maps that didn't make it into 0.9.10 are now correctly represented in this release.


               What's Next?

Next on our todo list is construction mode, this mode has both teams constructing a fort to battle on, and then battling it out on the forts they create. To build the forts teams are given a build period and lots of different objects to use, crates, girders, flags, barrels, and more.

You can read about construction mode here:

Also, in the next version we will be renabling user login to the gameserver using your account. On top of this we will begin tracking stats!  Things like total wins/losses, perhaps some achievements. We'll also be displaying this information on, so everyone in the forums can see just how well you're doing.

Also, as with every new release.. we plan to have another tournament!

Registration for the 0.9.11 tournament will begin soon, this tournament will be 2v2 in nature, so you better begin finding a partner. Expect details and rules in a post soon.

Fan Trailer

Harmless911 has submitted a trailer he's very excited about
He even took it upon himself to call it "Official"

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