Anyone feel like testing a beta?

As usual w/ betas, we haven't added much content yet, art might change etc. If anyone has content they totally feel should be included, feel free to package something up. Ideally as a proper hwp for easy testing/inclusion.

Anyway, after firing up the Windows VM and issuing the usual imprecations, the following was produced:
Windows 0.9.22-BETA1

As usual, Linux users are hopefully using:
Building on Linux
to stay up to date, and OSX users are SOL until an OSX user does a build.

To do your own build, please use revision c6cf08ee999e (hg pull -u;hg up -r c6cf08ee999e;cmake .;make install)

Random dev-screenie of the day


Because one can never have enough cake.

BehindTheHedge: Interface improvements & more

In the BehindTheHedge series we provide brief looks into what's going on at the development side of the game.

And although we core developers are quite busy these days,
we are still working hard on the next release of Hedgewars!

So, in this post let's talk about what's happening to room filters, the in-game chat input system and some other things! Big Grin

Hedgewars Tournament 2015 - Winners!

The Hedgewars Tournament Staff is proud to announce the Hedgewars Tournament 2015 - Default Mode . We have taken note of your opinion in the last survey and taken steps to ensure to improve the way this tournament is organized.

Congratulations to:...

The Epic Final Score:

Randy v. Wuzzy 3-2

Randy v. KompleX 3-1

Wuzzy v. KompleX 2-3

Flying Flying

The Sign-Up Thread

Click Here for more information about tournament period, rules, prizes and tournament system.

Prepare to grab your weapons and join the fun! Wink Smiley

iHedgewars 0.9.21 Released

Hey people,
a quick announcement for the new Hedgewars for OS X.

It's on your favorite download page, or you can get it from here or via torrent


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