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Cadet's Field Manual
1 Bazooka Homing Bee Mortar Drill Rocket Mudball Cleaver
2 Grenade Cluster Bomb Watermelon Bomb Hellish hand-grenade Molotov Cocktail Old Limburger
3 Shotgun Desert Eagle Sniper Rifle Sine Gun Freezer Minigun
4 Shoryuken Whip Baseball Bat Kamikaze Seduction Hammer
5 Mine Dynamite Cake Ballgun RC Plane Sticky Mine
6 Air Attack Mine Strike Napalm Piano Strike Drill Strike Air Mine
7 Pick Hammer Blow Torch Construction Flamethrower Land Spray Rubber
8 Rope Parachute Teleportation Flying Saucer Birdy Portable Portal Device
9 Invulnerable Laser Sight Vampirism Resurrector Time Box
10 Skip Switch Hedgehog Low Gravity Extra Damage Extra Time
Welcome to the Cadet's Field Manual! Please select a weapon!
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