Twitch(-Chat) Plays Hedgewars!

Thanks to koda's twitter I stumbled over

Hellish Hand Grenade TWITCH PLAYS HEDGEWARS Hellish Hand Grenade

(Kudos to twitch user testmarshall for making this!!!)

There you can play Hedgewars using chat, competing with your enemies and possibly also your team mates Big Grin
Gain points and money, bet on results, buy items or special events etc. etc.!

E.g. enter st blue (set team) to join the blue team! Blue Cap!
Then you can use things like left 5 to make your Hedgehog walk (if it's your team's turn), then choose a weapon and follow the chat's instruction about how to fire/target your weapon (often fire <angle> <power>) Flying

Read the instructions below the stream if you want to find out more Smile

PS: Since this is twitch, expect a stream delay of 10 seconds or higher - the (sub-)turn times do compensate for that though!

BehindTheHedge: Spawning tweaks & Forts

In the BehindTheHedge series we provide brief glimpses into what's going on at the development side of the game.

In this episode I will talk mostly about the changes made to how hedgehogs spawn and how fort mode got upgraded.

Random dev-screenie of the day

(The next release will allow to use fort-mode with more than two teams!)

5 years! PAotH Comics 116-120

As of the 26th, this PAotH comic has been around for 5 years! Wow, that's certainly something. Anyway, you can catch up with older comics by going here: and if you want to see the newest comics: And now, for some very special comics on this very special day:






Oh, and I'm probably not gonna put these on the front page anymore after this. Not really any reason to have them here. :P

Still Alive! PAotH Comic 111-115!

Oh, hey look, I'm still making comics! I've just been taking my sweet time, sorry! If you want to catch up with older comics then go here: and if you want to see the newest comics before I post them on the front page then go here:






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