Please help us test 0.9.21 beta

Testing in Progress

Greetings beta testers!

Man, sure has been a long time since the last release right?
Well, there are a few new goodies for you guys.

This is NOT the release candidate. For release there might be minor features tossed in, new themes and other content that often gets collected at the last minute.

But, we aren't planning to add anything significant this release, so please test what's been added so far!

Windows build:
Download and unpack this zip

For Linux:
We tend to have a fair number of Linux testers using our fairly copy-and-paste Building on Linux instructions already. Those should still apply, but it is strongly recommended to run:
cd ~/hg/hedgewars/trunk;hg pull -u;hg up 5ae7ba0b2849;cmake .;make install

To ensure you are in sync with the revision used to make the Windows build. change log here, although it might be missing one or two things, should give an idea of what to test.

Translators, your time has come!

We need translators!

Hello everyone!

Current development for next release got to a point - string freeze - where we will not change any of the translatable text strings until release.

This means we need people to translate those strings into various languages so that people around the world can enjoy Hedgewars in their preferred language!

Our translation system sadly is still a bit complicated, but there's a guide for new translators for that.

Also feel free to stop by in Live Chat or join the Mailing List.

Also please be aware that it can take quite a while until one of the developers will answer to you - especially due to different time zones.

Fluffy regards,

Good-bye passwords!

There was a possible security issue that was found on our website and reported to us.

As a result of that we have reset all passwords in the database (as a precaution).

Please request a new password!

Also don't forget (as usual): NEVER pick any password for Hedgewars that you use for anything else.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience!

NOTE: Game server might take up to 10 minutes to notice that you changed your password.

BehindTheHedge: Tech Racer

Hey hogs! It's been a while since our latest front-page post, so I thought I'd give you a little insight into one of the things we've been working on.

It's... TechRacer!

Currently, the Hedgewars server hosts a variety of awesome racing maps. But, usually these maps just involve a bare landscape that hogs race across using rope. Tech Racer aims to add an element of variety and excitement to the mix. In this mode you will be able to race around custom maps full of mines, crates and barrels. What's more, areas of the landscape will be fully destructible, meaning you might be required to dig a tunnel, or blow a hole through part of the map to finish it. You can watch a demo of such a map here:

Hopefully this will open up the racing arena to new kinds of gameplay and give non-pro ropers a chance to try their stuff on UFO-based racing maps and the like. Either way, I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun!

New Tournament - Survey

Hello fellas...

We are thinking about making a new tournament soon, but we want to make it perfect! And for that we need your opinion.

Can you help us?... Just answer the 7 questions below".

  1. What did you like and dislike about previous tournaments?

  2. What was the biggest disappointment of the tournaments?

  3. Which modes would you like to play in the next tournament?

    Example: Pro mode, The Specialists, Space Invasion, etc...

  4. What tournament system you would like to see in the next tournament?

    Example: Play-off system, knock-out system, league system, etc...

  5. How much time do you think we should give to the players to play their games?

  6. What should be the prize for the winner?

  7. Is there anything else you would like to see introduced in this tournament?

    Please answer these questions in a comment in this thread, we would appreciate it

    - We love you - Love Eyes!

    -the Hedgewars Tournament Dev Team- Flying

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