Hey there big boy!

0.9.6 Released!

We've got a new release for you!

  • New maps: EarthRise, Bamboo, Bath, BambooPlinko
  • New theme EarthRise
  • Add soundtracks for each theme (can be toggled in the settings menu)
  • Show picked up ammo name when playing demo
  • Make engine fonts bold
  • Small sound improvements (hedgehogs now make audible pain sounds)
  • Fix clouds shaking up
  • Repair screenshots capturing
  • New weapon, the deadly cake of doom!
  • Unavailable weapons are now grayed out until the relevant number of turns has passed
  • Airstrike tweaked
We hope you enjoy this release and leave us lots of feedback! You can get it in the download section.

In 0.9.7 we'll finally be renovating the frontend! We'd also like to hear what weapons you'd most like to see in the next few releases of Hedgewars.

0.9.6 Coming soon!

So 0.9.6 is hopefully going to be here in a few days, what's new?

  • We have a nice set of new maps
  • Various theme and graphic updates
  • Some modifications to the UI
  • A soundtrack for all the existing themes
  • Lots of bug fixes




Map Map Mapping Along

Some of the new maps you'll see in the 0.9.6 release!






Hedgewars Soundtrack!

Hi guys,

As you all know I'm drawing the graphics for hedgewars, but in a moment of boredom today I decided to attempt to do the soundtrack also.
Now I've only been learning to play the piano for 4 weeks, and before that time I have had no experience at all with music or a musical instrument, so this might be a little shaky!

I've begun work on a track for the nature theme.

You can download a quick recording, in mp3 format here:


Please tell me what you think!
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