0.9.19 beta2

We've just baked a new build for our beta release (BETA2). 9017:e9d54cd577e7

Windows: http://download.gna.org/hedgewars/Hedgewars-0.9.19-r9017.exe (fixed link)
OSX: http://download.gna.org/hedgewars/Hedgewars-0.9.19-r9017-OSX.zip
Linux: http://code.google.com/p/hedgewars/wiki/BuildingOnLinux ( hg up -r e9d54cd577e7 )

More details in the first beta post.

Bug reports are always accepted (patches too)!

Note that if you have any trouble w/ online play on the official server w/ 0.9.19 betas, please try specifying m8y.org as a LAN server instead.

Test Drive your Flying Saucer today!

Guess what?

We recently added the ability to aim and fire weapons from the Flying Saucer! Awesome, right? So, anyway, I'm still trying to put together a mission or two for the new release. This time I took the Flying Saucer out for a spin on the new map, SB_Shrooms!

Fireworks, hey? You gotta love 'em.

PAotH Comics 76-80

Sorry I'm late on posting this, but I thought the beta notice deserved a little more time on top, anyways, comics time.

If you haven't read previous comics then click here.

Plot Twist: INITIATED!

0.9.19 beta

Let's get some beta testing done!
Sooner we get this done, sooner we can get things released. Maybe in the next few days? *crosses fingers*

OSX Build
Aaand we finally have a Windows build too. Thanks to koda for providing both.

For Linux users of the Debian/Ubuntu bent, see:
Building on Linux for simple copy and paste build instructions that you can use to build any version of Hedgewars, including this beta (other distros are welcome to provide instructions too!).
For testing purposes, latest tip can be considered "beta" - no desyncing changes have been made.
The builds above are against 8e570c2cb059. So if you want to be certain, use: hg up -r 8e570c2cb059

Don't forget to file bugs!

FWIW, there are 2 bugs caused by the same small well-intentioned change that are now fixed. Can't aim saucer past horizontal (at least in Default) and infinite weapons like cake under some circumstances.

Those building against tip can pick this up, although they cannot play reliably against those on the beta builds after that (that is, stick to 8e570c2cb059 if you want to play people using the executables).

Killing hogs and time...

Hey hogs!

This weekend I was messing around a bit on 0.9.19. One of our resident users, claymore, suggested that we needed more graves. Community suggestions are very important to me, so I took this to mean that he wanted me to kill all the residents of Hogville immediately! Here's what happened:

I think this might make for a neat mission or cinematic. How about you?

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