Release candidate available for 0.9.18

This formal title is for demonstrating that we are improving our release skills!

Wow, our beta program has been a huge success, lots of downloads and user feedbacks! More than 30 bugs were found in just this little time (~20 of them just by vos, hats off) and we've been busy fixing everything we could.

A few bugfix have been planned for a future release (1.0.0 maybe) and some other could have completely slipped, but we plan to respect our self-imposed release date of 31st October!

Without further ado, I present you the Release Candidates, which are the best approximation of the final version you are going to download in a few days.


Even better than beta, these versions are *immediately* available for download. As always please report any issue in our cozy bug tracker

PAotH Comic 51-55

Like always, you can read previous comics here or here.

And that about wraps up the portal saga!

Releasing in one week...?

You read it right! The rumours were true! We can now safely announce a release plan!

Big Grin

0.9.18 is on its way, just in time for Hedgewars birthday, the 31st of October.

We've prepared some builds for you so that you can betatest the next release of Hedgewars and report any bugs you might find! In the rare case you find any, please add them here:

Let's see who's the first player to get past the 100th issue (but please check for duplicates before posting)

Third update: Congrats to vos for making it! Wink Smiley

By the way, if you have any translation update now it would be a nice time to submit it! Also, if you ever contributed code for Hedgewars and for some reason you haven't been added to the credits yet, get in touch with us immediately!!!

Update: The Windows build is ready!
Second update: The OS X build is ready!

The beta builds are being baked right now, and they might be hot for a while, we'll publish them very soon (tm)

PAotH 50th Comic Special!

Happy 50th Comic Strip Guys! Big Grin

You can read previous comics here or here.

For the sake of not enveloping the news page, a PAotH update will be posted for every five strips rather than each new one individually.

GSoC project: Hedgeroid Netplay - Demo and wrapup

Hello everyone. Now that the Summer of Code has been over for a while, it's time to finally give you the promised demo of my Android netplay project.

The demo allows you to play Hedgewars online on your Android phone/tablet, both with people running the same demo or a current Win/Linux/Mac nightly build. Please keep in mind that new nightlies may not be compatible with this demo, so I have put the current Windows and Mac builds up for download as well. This allows you to test Hedgeroid cross-platform play against a compatible version.

The size is way up from the alpha release on the market, because this demo includes all the game data needed for online games. I only left out the music, because that would have blown it up to twice that size. When you first start the game, it will copy all the assets to SD card as well, which can take a while. This is not an ideal state of affairs, but it should be good enough for the purpose of this demo.

As with the last demo, you will have to uninstall the market version before installing this one, because it is not signed with Xeli's key. Also as last time, this demo comes with no warranty, so if your phone melts as a result of running it, please don't blame me - it's my first Android project. That said, my tablet and phone are still very much working, and the app doesn't ask for the DEVICE_MELTDOWN permission anyway.

Hedgeroid netplay demo (58.6 MiB)
Compatible windows nightly (122 MiB)
Compatible OS X nightly (170 MiB)

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