GSoC Project: A New Adventure - Update #X

Greetings to all!

I'm glad to announce that the campaign (A Classic Fairytale) is pretty much finished. Anyone who doesn't wish to wait until the next release, or wants to help in hunting down bugs is welcome to try it out via the clone set up at

There are 4 endings in total, none of them are good or bad, and 9 and a half missions (9 actual missions and an ending cinematic). So, for the more curious individuals out there, the campaign gains some replay value. The story is mainly influenced by the choices made, not so much by the performance (although the latter does have minor effects).

Should any bugs be found, please describe them as thoroughly as possible in the comment section and I'll make sure to fix them.

That's it, I hope you'll like it!

UPDATE: the campaign is now available in the official repository. Also, the clone has been moved here:

Summary of my WebGL port

The three months' coding for GSoC has ended and I'm proud to say that I've achieved the main goals in my project proposal. The final product is here:

In fact, when I started the project, I didn't have much idea about how well it would go. The tools I was going to use were not mature so it was hard to predict how many obstacles I might encounter. Fortunately, the developers in the channel, especially my mentor nemo, offered a lot of help so that I could proceed in the right direction. And finally, it turns out to be very successful.

I will still hang around in the channel and maintain the web port, though I won't be as free as in the summer vacation. There are still a few things to be done, probably also a project idea for next year's GSoC Smile

1. Pas2C is not completely worry-free. I need to patch a few places in the generated sources. But luckily, most of the issues have been addressed;
2. AI is running in main thread and may not be as "smart" as the native version. Using web worker or reworking the AI code could solve the problem;
3. Optimize math operations (esp. Rope);
4. Write a html frontend;
5. Add multiplayer for the web version (this could be fun!);
6. Add sound. This is not hard since sound files are not critical, but loading them when needed may also degrade the gaming experience (if you have a slow network). Preload all or load on-the-fly, that's the hard choice.

Finally, thanks to all developers and GSoCers working for hedgewars! Big Grin


GSoC Project: Video Output Tool

Hi all!

Here is another one of my not-so-frequent posts about my GSoC project.

One of originally planned features of my project that is now implemented is YouTube uploader. It allows you to upload any of recorded videos to YouTube in just several clicks. Maybe it is not so important feature, because you always can go to and upload it, but still nice to have this uploader in game.


Something for the shoppa players

So, this was a relatively simple change, that while it should work ok, will probably require a bit of testing to avoid leaving out too many people w/ wimpier machines. We might even have to institute some sort of machine capabilities indicator for online play.
See Issue 394.
For people who didn't immediately spot it, this is a 4096x4096 map. The issue is for supporting variable map dimensions, this removes the limit on static map PNG sizes, apart from the limits imposed by SDL, your computer, and sanity.

xymeng's webgl cross-compile

xymeng's made a lot of progress on cross-compiling hedgewars to the web using emscripten. This is one of the latest builds. (note, this is the actual game playing in your web browser, not a video. it does require webgl) Oh. And yes, fullscreen doesn't resize the game window yet. That needs work. And yes, it should play smoothly at much larger dimensions, I just wanted it to fit in our tiny post area. [ NOTE. I've disabled this since there is an improved version now ]

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