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Some of the new maps you'll see in the 0.9.6 release!






Hedgewars Soundtrack!

Hi guys,

As you all know I'm drawing the graphics for hedgewars, but in a moment of boredom today I decided to attempt to do the soundtrack also.
Now I've only been learning to play the piano for 4 weeks, and before that time I have had no experience at all with music or a musical instrument, so this might be a little shaky!

I've begun work on a track for the nature theme.

You can download a quick recording, in mp3 format here:

Please tell me what you think!

0.9.5 Released!

0.9.5 is here!


New in this version we have a whole new taunt system, you can enter commands such as /wave and /sad whilst your go is active to make your hedghog taunt!

We have much prettier explosions!

We have new maps!

We have sudden death!

and more!


Go and get it in the download section, spread the word, we want to get Hedgewars out there to everyone!

Almost there!

We're almost done with 0.9.5


I'd like to draw your attention to this wonderful user submitted map made by Joshua, that we hope to add to 0.9.5



Tell him how great you think it is in the forums, here

More Progress

We've made lots of progress since my last update, and we're going into the test phase for 0.9.5, so it should be with you shortly, perhaps even later today.

So what's new?

Well the taunt system is fully implemented, the different commands are

  • /rollup
  • /sad
  • /hurrah
  • /wave
  • /ilovelotsoflemonade

Aside from that the game now features proper particle based explosions, so those great shots are now 10 times more dramatic.

We have two new maps, one of which was kindly submitted by a forum member.

And we finally have sudden death! After all teams have taken 15 turns, health with begin to lower by 5 each turn, after 17 turns the island itself will begin to sink!


All of this should be with you very soon! Stay sharp and I look forward to hearing your feedback

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