More Progress

We've made lots of progress since my last update, and we're going into the test phase for 0.9.5, so it should be with you shortly, perhaps even later today.

So what's new?

Well the taunt system is fully implemented, the different commands are

  • /rollup
  • /sad
  • /hurrah
  • /wave
  • /ilovelotsoflemonade

Aside from that the game now features proper particle based explosions, so those great shots are now 10 times more dramatic.

We have two new maps, one of which was kindly submitted by a forum member.

And we finally have sudden death! After all teams have taken 15 turns, health with begin to lower by 5 each turn, after 17 turns the island itself will begin to sink!


All of this should be with you very soon! Stay sharp and I look forward to hearing your feedback

Some updates

We've been working hard on 0.9.5, I wanted to mention one of the features I'm most excited about, and that's in game taunting!


During your turn you are able to activate various taunts/emotes by typing certain commands. For example /wave will make your hedgehog wave to his opponents. A great animation to use just before baseball batting someone off of a cliff!


I'm going to share some of the current animations with you below, at this point in time the commands are a secret ;)



Hedgewars 0.9.4 updated!

We accidentally left a test feature in our last release, if you downloaded the new version early you probably noticed your hedgehogs have funny little hats. This feature is incomplete (expect it later), we've updated the installer to remove it, we've also added another new map to tempt you to download it!

Make sure you clear your browsers cache before getting the new version, it should be around 9.1mb in size!


Sorry for any inconvenience, I hope you enjoy 0.9.4!

Hedgewars 0.9.4!

Hedgewars 0.9.4 is finally here! And despite the small version increase it brings with it a huge update!

In this version you'll be getting: 

  • In game chat!
  • New Maps!
  • Two new themes!
  • Many many new animations!
  • New weapons
  • New features

And much much more!

This is the most polished version of Hedgewars yet, don't miss out!
Go and grab it in our download section, and let us know what you think in the forums!

Updates + Saying Hello

 Hello lads and ladies.

This is going to be the first news post of many from me, I'm Tiyuri - the new graphics artist on the Hedgewars team. I'm also going to be keeping the website updated much more often to keep you all up to date with development.

 So on that note, what's new since 0.9.3?  Well let's see 

  • In game chat is now implemented, chat (and taunt!) your buddies during network play
  • Mortar, whip and Kamikaze weapon additions
  • Two new themes, desert island and city
  • New maps
  • New animations, including an idle animation!
  • Rope reworked, much greater momentum, ability to aim the rope between swings
  • AI updates
  • Teams now work in fort mode, i.e. 2v2
  • Many network/gameplay bug fixes 
  • Ability to attack whilst jumping/rope swinging 
  • Some weapons can only be used after a certain number of turns 
  • Lots of new graphics

  And this is just a handful of the updates in 0.9.4

 You can find some screenshots and media in this post in the forums here .

 I hope you're looking forward to the new release

Spread the word for us :)

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