We no longer need a new web designer

As you can see, our new website is up and running. There's still a lot of work to be done, and we'll try to improve the forum soon, including giving it more space.

I also need to write a manual for the game, which I will get round to doing as soon as I have time.

Besides the website, 0.9.8 is coming on nicely, it now contains a napalm strike, zero netplay bugs, lots of new maps, lots of new forts, new themes, indestructable land, bug fixes and more.

0.9.7 Trailer

0.9.7 Released!

0.9.7 Released!

 Here's a short changelog, you can find a full changelog below!

  • A completely redesigned, redrawn frontend, built to be both prettier and easier to use.
  • Completely reworked netplay, supports players joining and leaving games in progress
  • Admin controls for network play
  • A new, official central dedicated server, allowing mutiple "rooms" per server, a multiplayer lobby for matchmaking
  • The ability to customize your team in exciting new ways, including the ability to customize the visual look of your hedgehogs
  • New maps, themes, and graphics, a huge addition to content
  • New weapons, gameplay mechanics and game options. New super weapons that you will find only in crates
  • New working flames that damage hedgehogs and corrode the terrain
  • New sounds, music and media
  • Atmostrophic's chat border


With Hedgewar's New and Improved net functionality we hope to see lots of you on the official Hedgewar's server in the near future, maybe you'll be blowing some of us up? 




New Weapons

I'm going to show off two of the three new weapons in 0.9.7 to you today.


The Melon Bomb



 More info in the blog post


Meet the Badger





What's This then?

Ho Hum

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