0.9.10 Released!

It's here folks, our biggest ever hedgewars update

You can download it  HERE

The changelog is huge, and I'll be working on putting it up on the site soon, but I didn't want to delay the release any further, so I'll just mention the main points for now.

  • Many many more terrain generation options, maps can be huge, very small, caverns, caves, stepping stones.. you name it.

  • To accompany these new terrain generation options there are new themes and musical tracks

  • On top of this there are a ton of brand new preset maps, have your hogs fight on city scapes and lazy old men in hammocks!

  • Lots of new hats (total of 79 now!) and to add to the hats, some new voice work

  • A new type of weapon called a utility has been added, these weapons drop in utiltiy crates and boost your hedgehogs abilities, low gravity, laser sight, extra time, extra damage, forcefield

  • Alongside weaponsets we now have "scheme sets", this means you can save gameplay options into a scheme for later use. We've also added a whole load more options for you to use in your schemes, you can add borders to any map, disable mines, enable low gravity, make all hogs invincible, and more.

  • The server has been given a major upgrade, you can now reserve your name with your hedgewars.org account. At the moment there are no stats in game, but we may already begin tracking them to display them later, so remember to log in! We are also integrating the game with the website.

  • A new Despeckling gameplay feature removes stray pixels from the terrain after fires/big explosions

  • Graphics updates, language updates, music and sound updates across the board

  • Demos can now be played without the frontend

  • Weapons and hogs can now bounce off of the water if they hit it at the right speed/angle.. this can be used in a very interesting way with the rope ;)

  • Hedgewars can now generate your team for you if you're feeling lazy, it also generates random teams for "quick play" mode, and even uses appropriate hats. I.e. it will generate a ninja team, with ninja names/hats!

  • The game now officially works on windows, linux and mac!

  • Changed girder functionality completely to make it a much more interesting and fun weapon!

  • lots more



Instructions to use your hedgewars.org account on the game server below

1.  To use your account on the game server the first thing you need to do is go into your account settings page and change your password, it doesn't have to be different from the old one, but just changing it will register your account on the game server.

2.  Once you've done this, go into the options menu in Hedgewars, set your player name to match your hedgewars.org account name.

3.  When you join the official server you will be prompted for a password, enter your hedgewars.org password.


The day before tomorrow

Hi everyone,
so it appears that Tiyuri's days of dictatorship of this blog have ended! In fact here I am, announcing the release date for 0.9.10!

I'm Koda (aka Vittorio Giovara) and I've contributed to port the game to Mac OS X systems; I tried to make the game as mac-like aspossible, but if you find some glitches, come and speak to me in the IRC chats!

Onto the big news anyways, Hedgewars 0.9.10 is coming out TOMORROW, coming with some neat new weapons, enhancements to the game engine and improved os integration.

Remember, spread the word, synchronize your clocks, don't make any appointments, because 0.9.10 is coming out TOMORROW!

and have a super special awesome happy easter Smile

Update your passwords

In preperation for 0.9.10 we would like to ask everybody with a registered account to update their  password, your account name is already reserved for you but to activate it you just need to go into your account settings on this website and edit your password, it can be the same as it was before.. but you must go through the editing process, this will activate your account.

I'm back

Hello all

As some of you know I've been on vacation this week, which has helped to delay the release a little (that and Unc0rr dissapearing).

However, 0.9.10 is now pretty much finished. All content is in place and all serious bugs are fixed, the new schemes menu has been finished and we're now looking at testing a release candidate and our new authenticated user features on the server.

So we're very very close now.

When is 0.9.10 arriving?

Hello guys,

First I want to take a couple of seconds to rant about something that irritates me. I follow a lot of projects to see how they're coming along, and I'm constantly seeing posts on blogs, in FAQs, in forums and pretty much everywhere else, concerning people asking when version X is going to be released.

These posts are usually something along the lines of "Don't ask when it will be released" or "It will be released when it's done" or "Asking for a release date will result in a ban".

Well what a lovely way to treat people who are eager to use your product. I see a whole collection of percieved justifications for it, they usually go something like this..

It's rude to ask when something is done
It's irritating to hear it all the time
If we give you a release date and miss it you will be mad!
We don't know when it will be finished
So on

If you have the emotional hardiness of a 12 year old, these might be valid reasons, frankly if I say that I'm going to release someting on a specific date and miss that date I really couldn't care less if a small number of idiots get their knickers in a bunch, the intelligent users will be the ones to benefit and they'll also be the ones who cut you some slack if you miss a date.

So in summary, grow up, stop being so damn pretentious, and unless you have money riding on something (then its understandable) just tell people when you hope things are going to be done.

When will 0.9.10 be released?

Ok so here's the status of 0.9.10

So far all the technical stuff is pretty much done. There are a couple of bugs with animations on the rope that need to be fixed. The last large task is the schemes menu, the menu itself is technically finished, but it needs restyling. I also want to restyle the network game page to make it more obvious that there's an official server to join. (the whole server list thing is confusing in that regard).

Once these two small tasks are complete, we want to do some testing. Uncorr wants to do a week of testing at least, I want to do less, maybe a few days. I'm hoping that the styling will be finished this weekend along side the rope bug fixing. Leaving us with a "release candidate". Once we have that, we'll test the release candidate until mid week at least, so maybe Wednesday. If we find bugs, we have to fix them and test again.. depending on the severity of the bug, this might take 5 minutes or we might want to test for another day. If no bugs are found we may be able to release on thursday, if they are the release will come after they are confirmed fixed.

Either way, it's very close. I'm hoping for a release next week some time before friday. But we'll see.

There are some new features in there that no one really knows about yet, I can't wait for you guys to discover them. :)

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