Hedgewars 0.9.20 Released!

Christmas is here...

and Hedgewars 0.9.20 too!!!

First off we'd like to thank everyone who contributed to make this fun and exciting new release!

So, what's new?

  • Shapes on drawn maps
  • New rubber utility
  • A polished Graphical user interface
  • AFK mode. (Press p when not your turn online to trigger autoskip of your turn.)
  • Visual enhancements for whip and crosshair
  • New hats
  • New voice pack (Russian)
  • Map edges can wrap or bounce.
  • Password protected rooms
  • Translation updates
  • Many, many, many bugfixes.
  • And much more

And a new Mission Campaign: A Space Adventure! (thanks to Master_ex for working on it!)

You want it? So go to the download section and grab it!

Mac OS X, supporting 10.6 to 10.9.

Linux distros will appear as the packagers are notified (filing a bug with your distro speeds things up).


Some screenshots from the new version for you Wink Smiley

From the Hedgewars Dev Team:

0.9.20 Beta!

A new version of Hedgewars is about to be released, you can help by testing it!

Below are links to download it:

Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8: HERE

There is currently a bug in the Windows Release build we are trying to iron out. Please download the FIXED ENGINE and copy it over the hwengine.exe from the prior zip. This should allow playing against Linux.

OSX should hopefully be available in the next few days.

For Linux users of the Debian/Ubuntu bent, see:
Building on Linux for simple copy and paste build instructions that you can use to build any version of Hedgewars, including this beta (other distros are welcome to provide instructions too!).

The fixed hwengine above is against a293a9ecdc82, so for playing against Windows, use: hg up -r a293a9ecdc82
For trying things like the Poison Graves in DLC, or unc0rr's No Gravity script (which is fun in shoppa), latest tip will be needed, but that of course will lose sync against the Windows Beta.

Please don't forget to report any bugs

"Hedgewars 0.9.20 is just around the corner, wait for it..."

Geek The Hedgewars Dev Team Geek

Round one starts on Monday 9th December!

The First Round is about to start, so get ready!

Here is the list of the registered players:

  1. Star and Moon
  2. eugeno
  3. Wohlstand
  4. bender
  5. Wuzzy
  6. Maxis808
  7. 99Volts99
  8. Solar
  9. ALM
  10. GoldenBoy
  11. Limix
  12. pvinis
  13. blokopss
  14. krammer
  15. KompleX
  16. d3fault
  17. terror
  18. El Banana
  19. tags
  20. Rolling
  21. Asdaef
  22. Fanat
  23. prof
  24. NJU 
  25. DImadcap
  26. kirintor
  27. Schoddie
  28. Luelle
  29. kirby64
  30. Delta
  31. Death

* Those players who for any reason can't play in the tournament, please warn us before the 9th of December so we can take appropriate actions.

* The sign-up remains opens for one more player. You have until December 8.

Remember to re-read the rules, and see you soon!

Geek The Tournament Organization Team Geek

PAotH Comics 96-100!

That's right! Today we reach a grand total of 100 PAotH comics, and in good timing. Today is Halloween Hedgewars' 9th Birthday! Happy Birthday Hedgwars!

If you'd like to see previous PAotH issues, go here.

And here it is, the grand 100th comic!

A Space Adventure

Hello everyone,

Google summer of code has come to an end and so the space campaign :)

Here is a promo video that I have made for the campaign:

Other than that I would like to share with you this wiki page that has
stuff related to the campaign. In most cases there is a wiki page about each mission that includes a section about the story line of each mission and some hints about it.

Both the story line and the hints sections may contain spoilers. So I suggest to use it as a reference to find out a hint about a mission that you cannot complete or about an optional mission that you are not sure if you want to play or not.

Of course if you have any suggestions for the wiki pages after playing the campaign you are more than welcome to make any additions or changes.

Finally I'd like to thanks the hedgewars team for their help during the
making of the campaign and mikade and Wuzzy for their suggestions/bug reports.

I hope GSoC to be only the start of my contribution to hedgewars and I look forward to my further involvement in it in my spare time.

Thanks :)

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