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List of all gear messages.
Updated Thu, 24 Mar 2016 09:55:10 -0400 by nemo

This is a list of gear messages. Gear messages are used to e.g. control hedgehogs.

List of gear messages

Identifier Meaning Parameter
gmLeft Walk left Not used.
gmRight Walk right Not used.
gmUp Aim up Not used.
gmDown Aim down Not used.
gmSwitch Switch hedgehog Not used.
gmLJump Long jump Not used.
gmHJump High jump Not used.
gmDestroy ??? Not used.
gmSlot Weapons slot selected. Used.
gmWeapon Weapon seleced. Used.
gmTimer Timer set. Used.
gmAnimate ??? Used.
gmPrecise Precise Not used.
gmRemoveFromList ??? Not used.
gmAddToList ??? Not used.
gmDelete ??? Not used.
gmAllStoppable Bitwise OR of gmLeft , gmRight , gmUp , gmDown gmAttack and gmPrecise Not used.

See for a current list.