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The Hedgewars URL scheme handler
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URL scheme handler


hwplay is an unofficial URL scheme for specifying a server and optionally a room. Hedgewars is able to interpret these URLs to automatically join the specified server and room.

hwplay URLs are useful if you want to play on a server other than the official one.


You can share a hwplay URL with other players so they join your server more easily.

Since hwplay is an unofficial URL scheme, your browser and other software needs to learn first how to interpret these URLs. Applications might ask you which program to use with a hwplay URL. You have to point these to the Hedgewars program ( hedgewars.exe on Windows, hedgewars on GNU/Linux and Mac OS).

Hedgewars itself also can use a hwplay URL as a command-line argument. See CommandLineOptions#Frontend for more information.

hwplay URLs are completely optional, you can of course join any server without a hwplay URL as long you know its hostname / IP address and port number (46631 by default).

Creating hwplay URLs

When you are about to start a server in Hedgewas (Main menu → Network game → Local network → Start server), Hedgewars will create a hwplay URL for you and copy it into the clipboard if you click on the “invite” button.

Note the generated URL might only work in your LAN, so please check the IP address. You can obtain your Internet IP address on (for example).

Of course, you can also try to create the URLs from hand (see below).


The syntax of the “hwplay” URL scheme is:

hwplay://<HOST>[:<PORT NUMBER>[?room=<ROOM NAME>]]

Parts in square brackets are optional. Parts enclosed in less-then and greater-than signs are parameters, where

  • <HOST> is the IP address or host name of the server
  • <PORT NUMBER> stands for the TCP port number of the server
  • <ROOM NAME> is the name of a room in the server

If the port number is omitted, Hedgewars assumes the default port 46631.

If the room name is given, the user will automatically join this room. If it is not given, the user will start in the lobby of the server.


Here are some example hwplay URLs:

  • hwplay:// : Points to the lobby of the official server. This is the same as if you'd click on the “official server” button in the main menu
  • hwplay:// : Points to the lobby on a LAN server with IP, port number 54321
  • hwplay:// : Points to the room called “MyRoom” on the server “”
  • hwplay:// : Points to the server “”, port number 59000