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List of all sound effects (excluding taunts)
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This is a list of sounds effects used in Hedgewars, excluding taunts. For taunts, see the Taunts page.

List of sounds

With the exception of sndNone , this list is sorted alphabetically by variable name.

Variable name File name Description
sndNone N/A Not a sound, this is used for the absense of a sound
sndAirMineImpact airmine_impact.ogg Air mine hits land at high speed (0.9.23)
sndBaseballBat baseballbat.ogg Baseball bat is used
sndBee bee.ogg Looped bee flight sound in air
sndBeeWater beewater.ogg Looped bee flight sound in water
sndBirdyLay BirdyLay.ogg Birdy drops an egg
sndBump bump.ogg Hedgehog falls on land at high speed
sndBlowTorch blowtorch.ogg Blowtorch is being used (0.9.23)
sndCountdown1 countdown1.ogg Time warning, 1 second left (0.9.23)
sndCountdown2 countdown2.ogg Time warning, 2 seconds left (0.9.23)
sndCountdown3 countdown3.ogg Time warning, 3 seconds left (0.9.23)
sndCountdown4 countdown4.ogg Time warning, 4 seconds left (0.9.23)
sndDenied denied.ogg Player tries something forbidden
sndDrillRocket drillgun.ogg Looped drill rocket drilling sound
sndDroplet1 Droplet1.ogg Water droplet impact into water. See also sndMudballImpact
sndDroplet2 Droplet2.ogg Water droplet impact into water
sndDroplet3 Droplet3.ogg Water droplet impact into water
sndEggBreak egg.ogg Egg (from Birdy) impact
sndExplosion explosion.ogg Explosion
sndExtraTime extratime.ogg Extra time is used (0.9.23)
sndFrozenHogImpact frozen_hog_impact.ogg Frozen hog hits ground at high speed
sndGraveImpact graveimpact.ogg Collision of grave or crate
sndGrenadeImpact grenadeimpact.ogg Collision of grenade, old limburger, cluster bomb, and many other gears
sndGun gun.ogg Desert Eagle or snifer rifle shot
sndHellish hellish.ogg Evil laughter from hellish hand-grenade
sndHellishImpact1 hell_growl.ogg Hellish hand-grenade impact
sndHellishImpact2 hell_oof.ogg Hellish hand-grenade impact
sndHellishImpact3 hell_ow.ogg Hellish hand-grenade impact
sndHellishImpact4 hell_ugh.ogg Hellish hand-grenade impact
sndHogFreeze hog_freeze.ogg Something (hedgehog, crate, water, etc.) has been frozen with the freezer
sndHomerun homerun.ogg Hog is punched far away out of the left/right map bounds with a baseball bat
sndIceBeam ice_beam.ogg Looped sound used while freezer is active
sndJetpackBoost jetpackboost.ogg Flying saucer applies a short boost (0.9.23)
sndJetpackLaunch ufo.ogg Flying saucer activated (0.9.23)
sndKnifeImpact knife_impact.ogg Collision of cleaver (0.9.23)
sndLowGravity lowgravity.ogg Low gravity utility is enabled
sndMelonImpact melonimpact.ogg Watermelon bomb impact; also used for other gears colliding with rubber
sndMineImpact mineimpact.ogg Collision of mine
sndMineTick minetick.ogg Warning beep of mine, sticky mine, air mine
sndMolotov molotov.ogg Molotov cocktail impact
sndMortar mortar.ogg Mortar is launched
sndMudballImpact Droplet1.ogg Mudball impact. Uses the same sound as sndDroplet1
sndParachute parachute.ogg Parachute opens
sndPiano0 1C.ogg Piano key (slot 1)
sndPiano1 2D.ogg Piano key (slot 2)
sndPiano2 3E.ogg Piano key (slot 3)
sndPiano3 4F.ogg Piano key (slot 4)
sndPiano4 5G.ogg Piano key (slot 5)
sndPiano5 6A.ogg Piano key (slot 6)
sndPiano6 7B.ogg Piano key (slot 7)
sndPiano7 8C.ogg Piano key (slot 8)
sndPiano8 9D.ogg Piano key (slot 9)
sndPickhammer pickhammer.ogg Looped pickhammer noise
sndPlaced placed.ogg Successful placement of construction or rubber
sndPlane plane.ogg Looped airplane flight sound (from air attack, mine strike, napalm and drill strike)
sndPortalOpen portalopen.ogg Portal created (0.9.23)
sndPortalShot portalshot.ogg Fire the portable portal device (0.9.23)
sndPortalSwitch portalswitch.ogg Switch color of portable portal device (0.9.23)
sndRCPlane rcplane.ogg Looped RC plane flight sound
sndResurrector hogchant3.ogg Looped sound used while using resurrector
sndRideOfTheValkyries ride_of_the_valkyries.ogg “Ride of the Valkyries” music from RC plane
sndRopeAttach ropeattach.ogg Rope hook attaches
sndRopeRelease roperelease.ogg Rope hook is released
sndRopeShot ropeshot.ogg Rope is fired
sndShotgunFire shotgunfire.ogg Shotgun fires
sndShotgunReload shotgunreload.ogg Played shotly before the shotgun fires or after collecting a crate
sndShutter shutterclick.ogg Screenshot is taken
sndSineGun sinegun.ogg Sine gun is fired
sndSkip skip.ogg Gear is skipping (“bouncing”) over water
sndSniperReload sniperreload.ogg Sniper rifle starts to aim (internal laser sight enabled)
sndSplash splash.ogg Water splash when something fell into water
sndSuddenDeath suddendeath.ogg Sudden Death started
sndSteps steps.ogg Hedgehog walks
sndSwitchHog switchhog.ogg Hog is switched using Switch Hedgehog
sndTardis TARDIS.ogg TimeBox appears or disappears
sndThrowPowerUp throwpowerup.ogg The “weapon power” bar is increasing
sndThrowRelease throwrelease.ogg Projectile is launched (e.g. bazooka)
sndVaporize steam.ogg Flame is extinguished, e.g. in water
sndWarp warp.ogg Teleportation
sndWhack hammer.ogg Hammer is used
sndWhipCrack whipcrack.ogg Whip is used
sndWhistle Whistle.ogg Birdy appears
sndYoohoo Yoohoo.ogg “Yoohoo!” voice from seduction


For a current list of sounds, look at hedgewars/uTypes.pas :

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