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Description and list of engine error codes
Updated Wed, 15 May 2019 02:59:21 +0100 by Wuzzy

Engine error codes

When the Hedgewars engine ( hwengine ) crashes or is closed, it returns an exit code (or error code) which can be used to further analyze the problem.

List of engine error codes

This is the list of all possible error codes:

Exit code Meaning Description Solution
0 No error Engine exited normally N/A
51 Usage error The engine was launched with invalid command line arguments Check your command-line arguments. Type hwengine --help in a command line for help
52 Fatal error Generic error for critical errors at runtime Check the error message or the end of the log files in Logs in your user directory for clues
53 Startup error Failure while initializing stuff on startup, like graphics, shader, OpenGL stuff, etc. Check your dependencies and if you have the latest video drivers installed and update them as needed
54 Fatal error, no IPC socket Similar to error 52, but the IPC socket is not working for some reason Check the log files in Logs in your user directory for clues
Other Free Pascal run-time error, see here This is probably a bug. Or it might be a problem in your system. If you believe this is a bug, report a bug, then someone should fix it

Error codes when performing engine test cases

When the engine is used to perform test cases, the follwing additional codes are used:

Exit code Meaning Solution
0 Test succeeded N/A
60 Test failed Fix the engine
61 Lua error in test case Fix the Lua code of the test case
62 Unexpected error while testing Debug

Source code

The exit codes are defined in the source code file hedgewars/uConsts.pas.