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Lua library documentation of SpeedShoppa; for creating simple Shoppa-style missions.
Updated Fri, 21 Jun 2019 23:17:15 +0100 by Wuzzy

Lua library: SpeedShoppa

Starting with 0.9.22, this Lua library provides a function to create a simple Shoppa-style mission.

In SpeedShoppa missions, the player starts with infinite ropes and has to collect all crates as fast as possible and compete for the fastest time.


This function sets up the entire mission and needs one argument: params . The argument “ params ” is a table containing fields which describe the training mission.

Mandatory fields:

Field name Description
map The name of the map to be used
theme The name of the theme (does not need to be a standalone theme)
time The time limit in milliseconds
crates The coordinates of where the crates will be spawned. It is a table containing tables containing coordinates of format { x=value, y=value } . There must be at least 1 crate.

Optional fields:

Field name Description
missionTitle The name of the mission (optional but highly recommended) (default: "Speed Shoppa" )
clanColor Color of the (only) clan (default: 0xFF0204 , which is a red tone)
goalText A short string explaining the goal of the mission (default: "Use your rope to collect all crates as fast as possible." )
faceLeft If true , the hog faces to the left initially, if false, it faces to the right. (default: false (=right))
crateType Specify the type of crate (this has no gameplay effect), pick one of "ammo" , "utility" , "health" . Default: "ammo"
extra_onGameStart A function which is called at the end of this script's onGameStart . It takes no parameters. You could use this to spawn additional gears like girders or mines
extra_onGameInit A function which is called at the end of this script's onGameInit