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Lua library documentation of Achievements; contains assorted helper functions
Updated Tue, 17 Jul 2018 17:59:01 +0100 by Wuzzy

Lua library: Achievements

WARNING: The achievements system is still very bare bones. It might be subject to major changes in future. This library should only be used internally by Hedgewars at this point.

This is simple library for awarding an achievement to the player, to be used in missions. They are not meant for multiplayer.

An achievement in Hedgewars is a simple award given for doing something awesome or difficult in a mission, or winning a mission in a great way. Achievements are a hidden feature in Hedgewars so far and far from complete.

One existing achievement in Hedgewars is “Lively Lifeguard” in the scenario “That Sinking Feeling” which is awarded for rescuing all hogs.

awardAchievement(name, statMessage, capgrp)

Awards an achievement with name name to player.

Currently, this only displays a caption and adds a mention in the stat screen.


  • name : Name of achievement.
  • statMessage : Optional. If set as string, this text will be shown in the stats screen. If nil , a default text is used.
  • capgrp : Optional. Caption group of AddCaption to be used. Default is capgrpMessage2 . If false , no caption is shown.

For consistent style, treat the name like a title is written in the English language. Good: “Naughty Ninja”. Bad: “naughty ninja”.