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List of states gears can be in
Updated Wed, 30 Oct 2019 13:29:20 +0000 by Wuzzy

This is a list of states gears can be in:

List of states

Gear state Description
gstHHDriven Hedgehog is controlled by current player
gstChooseTarget Used for hedgehogs; if set, player can select a target with the cursor (e.g. for homing bee, air attack, etc.)
gstHHJumping Used to indicate when a hedgehog is doing the long jump
gstHHHJump Used to indicate when a hedgehog is doing the high jump
gstHHThinking Thought bubble animation plays for hedgehog (used for AI players)
gstHHDeath Hedgehog is dying
gstHHGone Set if hedgehog is going to teleport away from the battlefield because the player left the game (in network play)
gstWinner This is good for indicating hedgehogs they did well, like winning the game. Represented by a stupid grin. This state is normally reset by many actions, but when the game is ending, it is preserved.
gstLoser This is good for indicating hedgehogs screwed up. Represented by a scared face.
gstMoving Gear is moving / in mid-air
gstAttacked Set for hedgehogs after they have finished their attack (including all shots). Not used in infinite attack mode
gstAttacking Used to indicate when a hedgehog is currently attacking (player holds down attack key). Also used for triggered mines
gstCollision Used to indicate the gear has just collided with something. Used internally for many checks and stuff
gstDrowning Gear is drowning
gsttmpFlag Used for various purposes, its meaning depends on the gear type (see GearTypes)
gstNoDamage Gear does not take damage from explosions and attacks like shoryuken and will not be pushed by them. For the invulnerability shield used by hedgehogs, use SetEffect
gstAnimation Hedgehog plays an animation
gstWait ???
gstNotKickable Hedgehog can't be knocked away by various means (i.e. rope-knocking)
gstInvisible Gear is invisible
gstSubmersible Gear can swim underwater
gstFrozen Gear is frozen. This state is not for hedgehogs; for hedgehogs, use SetEffect and GetEffect with effect=heFrozen instead
gstNoGravity If set, gear is not subject to gravity (does not work for all gears)

See for a current list.