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Lua library documentation of Params; for parameter handling
Updated Wed, 02 May 2018 23:58:48 +0100 by Wuzzy

Lua library: Params

The Params library is a small library introduced in 0.9.21. It provides a function to parse the parameter string ScriptParam and it is intended to simplify using this string.

This library requires the parameter string to be in a certain format. It must be a comma-seperated list of kev-value pairs in the key=value format. Examples:

speed=1 health=100, ammo=5 param1=hello, param2=whatever, param3=5325.4

Using this library is by no means neccessary, you could use practically whatever syntax you wish if you write your own code for parsing.


Parses ScriptParam and writes the result into the global table params . The table will follow the key=value pattern. Both keys and pairs are stored as string.


function onParameters() parseParams() if params["myparam1"] == "hello" then WriteLnToConsole("Hello World!") end end

If the key-value pair myparam1=hello is present, this script writes “Hello World!” in the console. All these inputs would trigger the event:

myparam1=hello myparam2=whatever, myparam1=hello g=4, f=56, m=56, myparam1=hello