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Updated Tue, 20 Jan 2015 15:31:44 +0000 by vittorio.giovara


Configure with cmake -DBUILD_ENGINE_C=1 and then run make .

Manual run

Run from the tools folder ghc -e pas2C \"hwengine\"" pas2c.hs

You can replace "hwengine" with any other module.

Every pas file will be converted to a .c/.h version in the hedgewars folder. In case no output is produced something has gone wrong.

Use clang to compile, gcc compatibility is not yet achieved. We are curious to hear about icc and msvc (not that we expect anything...)


There are some special file that you need to know

  • project_files/hwc/rtl/fpcrtl.h - contains definitions of external functions defined inside custom pascal units (eg SDLh.pas);
  • hedgewars/pas2cSystem.pas - contains definitions of external functions defined outside our own pascal units (eg png and gl units, bundled with freepascal);
  • hedgewars/pas2cRedo.pas - contains definitions of internal fpc units (provided by the 'rtl') which get a fpcrtl_ prefix.

If you need to hide portions of code from pas2c just wrap it with ${IFNDEF PAS2C}...{$ENDIF}