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List of all visual gear types
Updated Sun, 02 Jun 2019 09:59:00 +0100 by Wuzzy

This is a list of available visual gear types, as of 0.9.23.

For a current list of the visual gear types look at hedgewars/uTypes.pas at the TVisualGearType enumeration:

List of visual gear types


Variable name Short description
vgtFlake Theme flake
vgtChunk Theme chunk (spawns when blowing up land)
vgtCloud Cloud
vgtDust Dust cloud (e.g. of mudball)
vgtSplash Water splash
vgtDroplet Water droplet
vgtBubble Underwater bubble
vgtSteam Steam cloud (when fire hits water)
vgtFire Small decorative/harmless flame
vgtSmoke Gray smoke cloud
vgtSmokeWhite White smoke cloud


Variable name Short description
vgtExplosion Small explosion (complete animation)
vgtBigExplosion Big explosion (complete animation which also makes screen shake)
vgtExplPart Small explosion particle, part of explosion animation
vgtExplPart2 Another small explosion particle, part of explosion animation
vgtSmokeRing Smoke ring, part of explosion animation

Weapons and projectiles

Variable name Short description
vgtNote Piano note
vgtBeeTrace Random colored flower (bee particle)
vgtEgg Broken egg shell particle
vgtFeather Birdy's feather
vgtSmokeTrace Strange smoke-like cloud from mortar
vgtEvilTrace Strange red cloud from hellish hand-grenade
vgtShell Bullet shell
vgtBulletHit Bullet impact animation
vgtLineTrail Straight shot line from e.g. desert eagle and the likes


Variable name Short description
vgtCircle Simple circle. Highly configurable!
vgtNoPlaceWarn Overlay when the placement of something failed
vgtAmmo Briefly displays an ammo icon. Appears when collecting a crate
vgtSmoothWindBar Changes the wind bar smoothly
vgtTeamHealthSorter When added, updates the sorting of the team health bars
vgtHealthTag Hedgehog health tag
vgtSmallDamageTag Small damage tag after hog damage.
vgtSpeechBubble Speech bubble with text. Does not work in Lua.


Variable name Short description
vgtStraightShot Moving sprite

Detailed visual gear reference

Here you will find a (more or less) detailed references of the various possible values for the visual gears (for SetVisualGearValues ). This is useful to customize your visual gears.

This section is still under construction!


A simple circle which doesn't move. It is one of the few visual gears which is not removed automatically. It can be drawn in 2 different styles. With dX , dY and FrameTicks , you can set the circle to pulsate in opacity.

  • dX : Minimum opacity (0-255)
  • dY : Maximum opacity (0-255)
  • Angle : Circle style. 1 = Radial gradient ( sprVampiric sprite). Everything else = Simple line
  • FrameTicks : Period length of opacity change. Set to 0 to disable.
  • State : Radius
  • Timer : Line thickness (only if Angle does not equal 1 )


Displays an ammo icon.

  • Frame : AmmoType ID of ammo to display (see AmmoTypes)


A health tag for hedgehogs. But with a few changes, this is also useful to display arbitray numbers on the screen.

  • Angle : Scale ratio. 1 = 100%
  • Frame : If 0 , its position is relative to the landscape. If non-zero, it will align to the screen instead
  • State : Number to display
  • Timer : Expiration timer


Damage indicator, displays a damage value. Looks similar to vgtHealthTag , but is smaller.


Displays a speech bubble. Use HogSay to spawn speech bubbles.

  • Frame : ID of the gear to which the speech bubble belongs
  • FrameTicks : Speech bubble type ( SAY_SAY , SAY_THINK or SAY_SHOUT )


Displays an arbitrary sprite which moves. A straight shot from a firearm like the Desert Eagle. The sprite it uses can be changed, so this can be used to display nearly every sprite.

  • State : ID of the custom sprite (use an ID from Sprites )
  • FrameTicks : ???


A straight line between two points which briefly fades out. As if a bullet has been fired. A vgtLineTrail has a start and an end point. The default Timer is too low so you must set it manually

  • X , Y : Start point of line
  • dX , dY : End point of line
  • Timer : Life time